How to behave with your kids

How to behave with your kids

23 Feb 2015 | 3 min Read

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You may think your little one doesn’t understand everything you say or isn’t paying attention but you couldn’t be more wrong. Even before your child begins to talk, they begin to listen to what you’re saying and, at times, what you aren’t saying. Children are very perceptive of their parents’ moods, expressions, and body language. They will know when something is wrong no matter how much you try to hide the stress lines behind a smile. They may not say anything and they may not even consciously understand but they know and everything is stored in the deep recesses of their mind over time. This is why it becomes imperative to be aware of how you behave and what you say in front of your impressionable child.


Whether you’re discussing financial problems or a family crisis, your child’s interpretation of the situation may be scarier that what it actually is. Hiding such things from your child won’t help as they will eventually know something is wrong. Instead, it is better to sit them down and explain the situation to them in an age appropriate manner. Reassure them everything will be okay, but also give them the basic facts.


If your child has misbehaved or done something wrong, let them know. Explain to them where they went wrong and why their behaviour is not acceptable. Don’t complain about them to a friend or be exasperated about how difficult they are making your life. It can be extremely hurtful to your child if they overhear you criticizing them or talking about some mistakes that they made.


Life is difficult and everybody has the tendency to blow steam off by complaining every now and then. But make sure it doesn’t turn into a habit. If your child witnesses your frequent whining, it models a bad attitude towards life which they could apply at school or later when they have a job of their own. Make an effort to seep some positivity into your words and reactions. While days may get difficult, talk about how your job or a situation benefits you. Lastly, keep the cheer up in the house at all times by doing something fun like singing and dancing to some songs from Ghotu Motu Ki Toli.


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Written by Chitra Jidesh – A working professional and an auntie to many children.

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