10 Ways For Babyproofing Your Home

10 Ways For Babyproofing Your Home

2 Apr 2018 | 3 min Read

Mohita Saxena

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Many common household items can be potentially dangerous for babies. Baby-proofing a house can be challenging and exhausting. The best way to go about it is by trying to think on the lines of a curious, excited toddler who loves to crawl, climb and explore spaces in his/her own way.


It could be a sterneous job identifying objects that  can be put into mouth, cause choking or even strangulation, be knocked over, cause poisoning or may even result in accidental drowning.


Keeping a house baby safe is an important parenting goal. Necessary care must be taken to  ensure that all major hazards inside the home must be done away with. Don’t forget that it only takes a matter of seconds for a child to fall prey to an injury.


Toddlers love to challenge their newly-acquired skills and are therefore, all over the place – jumping, crawling and putting things into their mouth. However, a little planning and some careful execution can ensure that babies remain injury-free within the four walls of their homes.


Following are a few pointers to babyproof your house and allow your baby to explore his/her surroundings in a safe, unfettered and rest assured manner.



  1. Safeguard your washroom entrance, basins and other frequently wet areas with non-slip mats. Chasing a naked, wet baby through the house can be dangerous.
  2. Don’t forget to replace all electronic sockets within baby’s reach with childproof sockets.
  3. Never leave insect or mouse traps in places accessible to your baby. God forbid!
  4. Keep cosmetics and medicines away from your baby’s reach.
  5. Make sure your bathroom and kitchen cleaning supplies are safely tucked away on a high shelf or locked in a cupboard.
  6. Take measures to ensure that there’s no way the baby might end up locking himself/herself in the restroom. Installing a lock at its entrance might be a good idea.
  7. Keep plants out of a baby’s reach. They may cause allergies, choking or turn out to be poisonous.
  8. Keep your dustbins or recycling-bins away from a toddler’s reach. Babies consider them to be toy boxes full of alluring stuff that is colorful, quirky and attractive.
  9. Keep remotes away from toddlers. Their soft and colorful buttons emitting flash-lights entice the kids to pounce on them. However, the coin-size lithium batteries could be potentially fatal and may cause choking hazards.
  10. Put up safety gates in front of any stairs in the house.


Follow this checklist and sit back with ease as your child learns to explore the world in a zealous, unconfined, and ecstatic manner. Let the baby take on the world with a new-found confidence and unbridled enthusiasm! 


Happy Parenting! 


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