Quick Fix: Homestyle Potato Chips

Quick Fix: Homestyle Potato Chips

Everyone loves wafers and we make potato wafers at our  home.


After making the wafers this season, I decided to share the recipe with  all moms out there.

Try this and your child will definitely love these wafers.




  • Take good quality of big potatoes and peel them thoroughly
  • Make wafers using a machine (khamni)
  • Wash 2 to 3 times nicely ( as we will be storing this for a long period )
  • Soaked for 2 hours atleast.  (You can soak it overnight as well)
  • Now boil water in a big and wide utensil
  • Add the potatoes and salt in it and boil for 15 minutes
  • Spread down one by one on a thin cloth or cotton sari and leave it to dry for 7 to 8 hours.
  • Let them dry in sunlight for 3 to 4 hours.


Once dried, keep them in an airtight container..


Whenever your child asks for chips, you can fry them and serve!


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