Painting Workshop Review: Kutoohala

Painting Workshop Review: Kutoohala

There's a special attraction between kids and water, throw in some paint and you'll have a riot on your hands. My daughter, like any other kid, loves paint like a bee to honey. If there's anything to do with colours be it paint, sketch pens crayons or even the food colouring in the top most shelf of my kitchen wall my daughter will love to put her little fingers on it.

At home, being the overworked mom as you know it, I rarely let her play with paint because I can't knowingly and willing add more cleaning up to the already overflowing to do list stuck to my fridge.

So when this guilt ridden Mom came across the workshop at Kutoohala- Art for little hands, with no second thoughts I jumped to it. The fact that, I didn't have to clean up after the painting fiasco that was gonna take place, was just unbelievable.

And that's how we found ourselves in a pair of our old clothes (remember it's a paint class filled with paint loving kids) at Kutoohala. It's our first time here...the minute you enter all you can see our lots of books neatly placed under respective age category. After a small wait and my daughter rummaging through few books and one puzzle we were called in for the workshop along with the rest.

Fun Quotient:

The theme of the workshop was spring and since spring also brings in so many colours in nature they merged the concept of celebrating Holi through spring. There was a huge canvas on the floor which was actually equal sized kg cardboard carefully stuck together. Once everyone settled in front of their square the workshop begun. The workshop was amazing, very creative and also quite mentally rejuvenating because of the colours. Their concept of having different techniques to paint 'spring' was unique. And there were different layers to it from painting on crepe paper flowers with water then blowing soap paint bubbles to using actual leaves to bring out the essence of spring. In the end you get to cut out your master piece and when you look at it everything amalgamates like a beautiful story. My daughter enjoyed every bit of it and the fact that she could wipe her colour smeared small little palms all over her clothes out more enthusiasm in her. Seeing her have so much fun with paint and working on her canvas was fulfilling

Mom's verdict:

Through the workshop I realised how much fun my daughter had with the paints, that true enjoyment that a child gets out of such simple pleasure made me add 'painting with my baby' onto my to do list even if I have to clean the ceiling of my walls I shall do it to just see her having such an awesome time painting again.

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