C-Section Is The New Normal!

C-Section Is The New Normal!

4 Apr 2018 | 3 min Read


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When a baby comes in the world, it’s the time of joy for the whole family and how she came out of her mother’s womb becomes secondary. But have you ever thought that why Caesarean operations have suddenly become so common? Some people blame it on a woman’s sedentary lifestyle but trust me, I have seen women giving natural birth even after not being exactly active throughout their pregnancies.


I am not against C-sections whether they are required due to some medical issue  or are chosen by the mother. What I am against is hospitals forcing the operations sometimes in the name of complications while at other times just because they make you feel that it’s safer and more convenient.


In those crucial moments, no one is in a position to deny and everybody goes with  what the doctors advise. Now, many hospitals have started taking advantage of the situation and suggest a Caesarean at the last moment to make quick bucks.


My girl’s delivery happened in one of the oldest and most prestigious hospitals in Jaipur. That hospital has a reputation for preferring natural deliveries and going for C-section only when it’s required. I had a normal delivery despite not doing any household chores like sweeping, mopping and the likes. My doctor was the coolest and she never pressured me into doing something special during pregnancy.


I was quite scared of the labour pains and the delivery process so was thinking of going for a C-section but my husband and gynaecologist always encouraged me to go natural. On the day of delivery, when the pains became unbearable, I requested for operation but the nurse said- “Ma’am, you have come a long way so just be a little patient.” I was cursing everyone then but the quick recovery afterwards was my prize. I was so active a few hours after delivery that my husband had to remind me that I need to relax.


I am glad that I opted for natural birth but it should be the mother’s prerogative to pick what she wants to. The unethical practice of forced C sections by hospitals needs to be curbed and this is possible only when people are more aware.


What’s you take on the malpractice of forced Caesareans by hospitals?

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