Trust Only The Expert: Fertility And Pregnancy Advice From Dr Hinduja

Trust Only The Expert: Fertility And Pregnancy Advice From Dr Hinduja

6 Apr 2018 | 3 min Read


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Fertility issues must be dealt with an expert. Whether you want to know when is the right time to conceive, what is the best contraceptive or why you are not conceiving, anexpert is the best person to provide advice. We asked consultant pregnancy and fertility specialist, Dr Ritu Hinduja to answer our mums’ queries.

Q: After 8 weeks pregnancy, my doctor suggest that I undergo an abortion. What precautions are necessary; before I get pregnant again?

A: The next pregnancy is to be planned after at least a gap of 3 months. Contraception to be used until then.


Q: I am new mom, I delivered three months back.What contraceptive to be used in case of emergency?

A: Barrier protection (condoms) is the best method of contraception while breastfeeding.


Q: According to LMP, I’m 10 weeks pregnant but as per ultrasound, the baby’s growth is 8 weeks. I’m very concerned about it please help, also please advice for healthy pregnancy.

A: A two-week lag in the growth can be concerning. But it’s important to know when was your first ultrasound done and how is the growth from the last scan. If all is well in that aspect you have nothing to worry about


Q: During sex I am not able to enjoy for a long time. I get out of it within short span of time which has became a big problem for me to conceive can you suggest some solution?

A: Getting an early orgasm and conception are not related.


Q: I suffer from PCOD and am unable to conceive for the second time.; I am 38. Should I opt for; IUI?; What’s the risk involved in it?

A: You need to get an AMH level done before you opt for any kind of treatment protocol. If you have already done it, you will need a minimal dose for stimulation as you may be at risk of hyperstimulation.


Q: My wife has PCOS.we conceived after some tests and medicines such as hormone profiling, hsg, semen analysis etc…if we were to plan for the second baby, do we need to go through all the tests once again? And I also wanted to know when would be the right time to plan? My wife is 31, me 35 and baby 15 months old.

A: You may not need any intervention to conceive a second time or you may find it difficult to say. You need to wait for at least 2 years before you plan a second child.


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