Summer Eye Care

Summer Eye Care

With the sun shining bright in the sky, it is time to protect those eyes and follow a strict care routine. Here are some simple pointers to keep the heat away!


1. Keep Them Covered 


Well-fitted sunglasses or goggles

Ensure that you wear UV protected sunglasses whenever you are moving out of your house.


Larger the shades, better the protection

While purchasing shades do remember to buy one that has wraparound frames. The wider the lens, better is the eye care.


Sun hat, icing on the cake

Pairing the goggles with a sun hat is a wiser option. It’s an add-on protection to the eyes.


No skipping, even when it’s cloudy outside

While the weather outside seems cloudy do not even think of skipping the shades.


Keep them on, even while cooling off in the water!

Swimming is an excellent refreshing exercise in this season. But do not forget to take proper eye care before jumping into the pool. The chlorine in pool water may cause redness and itching in eyes. Make a pointy to wear well fitted swimming goggles and use lubricating eye drops for prevention of redness.


2. Drink Adequate Water

During this season, it is essential to keep your body parts hydrated specially eyes and skin. Minimum intake of 2 litres of water in a day is must.

3. Use Sunscreen Carefully

Apply sunscreen lotion carefully. It should not come in direct contact of eyes as it may cause irritation. If irritation occurs, wash it properly with tap water. If redness and irritation still persists, visit your eye specialist.


Happy Summers!


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