Here’s How Actor Deepika Singh Healthily Lost Weight Post Delivery

Here’s How Actor Deepika Singh Healthily Lost Weight Post Delivery

18 Apr 2018 | 3 min Read

Preeti Athri

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Pregnancy means accumulating a bit more fat than normal to prepare the body for a healthy delivery and breastfeeding. Some of us fall prey to the ‘eat for two’ funda during pregnancy, others have pregnancy side effects such as thyroid problems, water retention etc. Losing those pounds after delivery is not easy, but definitely possible.


Deepika Singh, the actress who played Sandhya Rathi in the popular show Diya Aur Bati Hum, had put on a lot of pregnancy weight. The actress took her time, followed a regimen and is now 15 kgs lighter! She shared her weight loss journey with TOI.



Breastfeeding burns upto 500 calories and is the elixir of life for your baby. Deepika breastfed her calories away!


Recognising one’s body

Recognising your own body is important, so the right weight-loss regime can be followed. “I realised that I had put on weight post delivery. In order to give Soham the right nutrients, I had gobbled up everything healthy so that he wasn’t deprived of nutrients. In that way, I had put on a lot of weight and by August, I was 72 kgs. During pregnancy, I put on weight because of Thyroid.” she said.



Singh is a passionate Odissi dancer. The extra weight made her feel tired and lethargic and it hit her hard. But what better way than dancing to lose some?


No supplements

Apart from the prenatal vitamins, Singh did not take any weight loss supplements. She believed in letting her body lose weight gradually and did not want instant weight loss



Singh says since it took nine months for the body to put on weight, it took around the same time to lose all that weight. One must keep a watch on overdoing with the cravings.


Eating on Time

“I have meals on proper time. But I make sure that I am full by 7 pm. I am an early riser and make sure that Soham also wakes up early so that even my schedule isn’t disturbed.”


Good diet

Singh reveals that she has her cheat days with food, but she makes sure she follows a good diet on other days.



Singh took to yoga when she decided to lose weight post pregnancy. She also followed a certain diet and hit the gym.

So all you mommies, respect your bodies, go slow, eat right and just be you! Soon your body will be healthy and you, happy!


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