Why You Should Travel More With Young Kids?

Why You Should Travel More With Young Kids?

18 Apr 2018 | 3 min Read

Pujarini Mitra

Author | 2 Articles

Traveling with kids is always daunting as there are so many things that can happen on the road. When you travel with babies it is even more challenging. So how do you leave back the worries and have a stress-free holiday? If you ask me, there is no simple answer to that. All you can do is prepare a lot and keep practicing.


As a kid, I traveled a lot through the country. Thanks to our army life, we used to pack up our bags every two years and head to a new city. The thrill of a new life, kept me hooked on and I continued traveling the world. Every year, planning and juggling leaves to visit a new country or two had become a way of life, till we got the big news. We were having a baby! We couldn’t travel the last six months of the pregnancy and once the baby came, our world changed. Like all new parents, we were adjusting to a new lifestyle and were scared of traveling alone with the baby.


But at the back of my mind, I wanted to give it a shot. I knew I probably will never find a break as long as my maternity leave. So, with a two-month-old in tow, we dared to do a five-day road trip though the precarious roads of Himachal Pradesh and survived it. After that there was no stopping and we started travelling as frequently as before.


We travel slower now, explore more experiential activities and need to research a lot before the trip. But all these added preparation is worth it for the joy of a kid who learns while exploring. Our son is much more open to new experiences and loves making new friends. He loves travelling and I can’t wait to see his personality grow as seasoned globetrotter.


Travelling with young kids needs a lot of preparation beforehand. My advice is to research on the kind of accommodation and book in advance. Keep the hotel or homestay informed, if you need anything specific like fresh milk, baby crib etc. During transit, make sure you have everything from your packing list and keep them handy. Be prepared for different weathers and don’t shy away from packing some extra baby clothes. Don’t overdo on crunching too many activities in your day. Slow down, experience more and create wonderful memories with your family.


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