10 Fun Learning Activities Using A Felt-Quiet Book

10 Fun Learning Activities Using A Felt-Quiet Book

19 Apr 2018 | 3 min Read

Kinshoo (momlearningwithbaby)

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I have been trying my hands on crafts and easy DIY stuffs to utilize the “ME TIME” after the baby. So, I tried my hands on “No-Sew” Felt Quiet Book (read Pages). Though I am not much crafty and into these type of projects and did some craft after almost 10 years or so….


The focus or aim in making these felt pages was to introduce some concepts  and refine fine and motor  skills of my toddler.



  • Felt sheets of different colors
  • Glue or hot glue gun
  • Pen or Marker
  • Velcro
  • Scissors.


I used a “no-sew” quick method. Just stuck the cut shapes with glue.

It’s recommended to use glue for sticking velcro as well, since toddler ends up pulling stuff and it might fall off.

(PS: I am not very good in cutting shapes etc., so please excuse the messy shapes and uneven surfaces.)


1. Learning Shapes


One piece of shape is stuck with glue and a velcro on it and the other part with a velcro on it to stick over the sheet.


2. Length Measurement



Balloons have a velcro and a thread is attached with glue. Other part of velcro is on the sheet to stick balloons on it. The sizes of threads and positions of velcro are in a way that the length of the thread is to measured accordingly.


3. Concept of Day & Night






Here I have stuck two sheet on one page. A blue sheet for “DAY” and a black sheet for “NIGHT”. There are clouds and sun to stick on blue sheet representing Day and moon abd stars to stick on black sheet representing Night. The blue and black sheets are not stuck from the top to keep the clouds, stars, sun and moon.


4. Learning numbers




Under each number cover, buttons or felt stickers etc. can be stuck to count numbers.


5. Use of Titch button



A Plant with leaves of titch button. The bottom pot is opened from top to keep leaves.


6. Surprise Eggs




These are 2 pieces of egg glued with one end leaving centre part open. i have kept a duck, a car, a star and a fish. You can choose any character/object as per your baby’s choice.

It is a very good concept for sense of discovery and Surprise.


7. Concept of Movement



The car and bird move over the attached thread.


8. Under the Sea



These fish swim up and down the sea waves. Very good for understanding of the under the water concept.


9. Watermelon Seeds




10. Making patterns




This Bumble Bee pattern can be horizontal or vertical stripes or even checks.

Please do share your feedback and comments.

Also if you have any suggestions, would love to hear!!

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