How To Raise A Reader? 6 Tips For Parents

How To Raise A Reader? 6 Tips For Parents

23 Apr 2018 | 3 min Read

Ashima Tewani

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There is always a success story behind every bright reader. If you want your  child to be a book lover and good reader then you must take the charge to make it happen from day one. Some tips that can help you to raise the little reader specially for preschooler are as follow:


1. Offer Choices To The Toddler


If you have different collection of books like alphabetical,  numerical, opposites or story based ones, than let  them choose the book of their interest .This activity not only make them self confident but increases their interest towards the books.


2. Make Connection


When your preschooler is ready to learn the alphabets or number, help him to make the “link” between the letter and objects like you can pick any object from the daily essential s and make it connects  with the alphabets for examples “ S FOR SPOON” ,” B FOR BOWL” AND” I HAVE 3 BOOKS” etc,


3. Show Words In Action


This activity should be done by the parents more often. The next time you go garden, park, market or grocery shopping than point out  the words on different things like milk, clothes, flower and building etc.


4. Be Expressive


Whenever you read a book, create distinctive voices for the specific character and use sound effect to make the reading section more in interesting.


5. Give Them A Role


As it’s a natural tendency of children to mimic the voices or words. Make use of this habit of them and ask different questions in between the story to make it more connecting like when you say “LION, pause and give them the nod to say “ ROAR”.


6. Start Reading From Day One.


As we all know very well that there is no age of learning so start reading  for infants from day one. The more early you connected with them , the more early they understand the basics. Another important thing that should be taken in to consideration   is,” don’t wait for bedtime’. Ease in to your morning routine with a wake-up story, or bring out some picture books after evening snacks.


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