How to take care of Pregnant Women

How to take care of Pregnant Women

When you're pregnant, it's nice to pay a little more attention to yourself than usual. That doesn't mean just taking care of yourself physically, getting your body fit and eating healthy. Do nurture yourself emotionally! You are going through some great changes in your life, and embarking on a wonderful journey - and this is something you ought to celebrate with some indulgence! Learn how to pamper yourself while pregnant!

Some women revel in their pregnant state, while some don't really enjoy the journey, beset as they are with several problems and discomforts. But either way, finding ways to indulge yourself will make you feel good!

Here are a few ways to look after yourself:

1. Get a prenatal massage:

Studies suggest that getting regular prenatal massages during pregnancy can be good for you. They could reduce anxiety, improve circulation, and relieve muscle aches, joint and body pain. Initial studies suggest that they also facilitate easier labour and delivery, but this hasn't been conclusively proven yet. Anyway, it is a fact that massages soothe and relax your body, and can make you feel better and sleep better. However, ensure that you engage someone who specializes in prenatal massages. Preferably, go in for a licensed practitioner, who knows what pressure points to avoid, and how to make you get the best out of a massage.


2. Soak your feet:

Tired and swollen feet feel so much better when soaked in warm water, enriched with sweet-smelling essential oils. Do this every night for improved blood circulation in your feet. A layer of pebbles on which to rest your feet can be very relaxing!

3.Visit the beauty parlour:

While some women feel more beautiful during pregnancy, the body image of others suffers a beating. Regular visits to the beauty parlour for a facial, head massage, or hair styling can help with looking and feeling better. A pedicure is great too, especially during your last trimester when you can't even see your toes, let alone reach them! A soothing foot massage from an experienced practitioner will also feel lovely.

4. Prenatal yoga:

Regular prenatal exercise, especially yoga, is one of the best things you can do for yourself during pregnancy! Not only can it lead to a possibly easier delivery, but also helps in quicker postnatal recovery. Yoga with an experienced teacher can strengthen your body muscles, and make you more flexible. Back pain can be eased and prevented with yoga. It also prevents foot problems. It can stretch your pelvic muscles and make them ready for pregnancy. Besides, the breathing exercises or pranayama oxygenates and relaxes your body, and makes you feel good throughout your pregnancy!

5. Slather safe and natural lotions on yourself:

A growing belly is an itchy belly. Rubbing some cream or lotion on your belly and all over your body helps keep the skin supple and smooth, and reduces itchiness. However, make sure you choose natural, chemical-free lotions, or natural coconut oil.

6. Buy trendy maternity clothes:

Buying maternity clothing can be a huge problem - or it can be lots of fun! With all the fashions available in the market, you don't need to go around wearing what looks like a sack! There are trendy, cool clothes available that will make you look great. But remember, buy something soft and stretchy so that you are comfortable as your pregnancy progresses. Also, don't buy too many clothes, as you won't be able to use them for too long. Your regular clothes will do for your first trimester. Your second trimester clothes will also serve you for the first few months after your baby is born, because rare is the woman who gets back to her pre-pregnancy size as soon as she delivers!

7. Buy nice undergarments:

Nobody can see your undergarments - but you can! And pretty undergarments do make you feel better. You don't need to go in for unseemly maternity underwear - lots of options are available in the market now. Also, when you buy bras for your third trimester, buy nursing bras if you plan to breastfeed, so that they will serve both purposes, and you can save on some money!

8. Buy good shoes:

Both for wearing at home and outside, buy soft, comfortable, roomy shoes that make you feel and look good! These shoes will last you even after your pregnancy, so these are things you can afford to spend on!

9. Go on dates!

For a while after you have your baby, you won't have any time for dates with your partner. Indulge in some warm, fuzzy couple-time now. Dress up and take off for a night out!

10. Plan a baby-moon:

Go away on a vacation - because vacations might be in short supply once the baby gets here!

11. Plan a pregnancy photo-shoot:

Get pics of that adorable baby bump when you can!  They'll be such great memories later!

12. Indulge your cravings:

Yes, you need to eat healthy, but what's the fun of pregnancy if you cannot give in to your cravings once in a while?

A little self-love during pregnancy can be very beneficial emotionally! Go on, indulge yourself - and feel special!



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