4 Reasons Why Kids Love Montessori?

4 Reasons Why Kids Love Montessori?

I am yet to come across a child who doesn't enjoy the different Montessori activities. Not only  my formal training in Montessori makes me believe in this methodology , but seeing how my high spirited kids and students enjoy the various Montessori inspired activities makes my belief even more firm.

Here are some reasons why I think Kids love Montessori Activities:

The Montessori Environment:



Montessori classroom or an environment is not fancy, instead it's arranged in an absolute un cluttered manner with simple low shelves, accessible to the kids easily. The children automatically gains confidence while choosing the materials on their own and keeping them back after the work is done. Kids enjoy the ample free space around to pick and choose, observe and analyse , thereby improving their gross motor skills, fine motor skills and the coordination skills. Many Montessori activities involve natural and real life objects like plants, sand clay, water, coats, shoes, etc. which every kid loves and  relates to .


The Montessori Materials:



Apart from the everyday materials, the specially designed Montessori materials used in the activities are 'didactic' and interesting in nature. For example, if the kids are assembling the pink tower on their own , they are able to visually discriminate the sizes of the different cubes. With such materials, the child learns to compare , masters seriation skills and more. Materials like cylinder blocks, pink tower, brown stairs etc. improve the child's fine motor skills, prepares them for advanced math lessons like seriation, ascending 'descending order etc. So, one single activity has multiple aims for the young learner.


Child-Initiated Work:


Montessori activities are self corrective and mostly child initiated. The adult acts as the guide and provides open ended resources with which the child freely explores his own ideas. The role of the Montessori 'directress' is to demonstrate the specific activities using some of the special Montessori apparatus. The kids observe, follows cues and eventually learns through imitation, repetition and trial and error.


Hands-on Activities :



Be it math activities or practical life exercises , Montessori method breaks down the process so that the kids understand the analogy behind each concept. Kids thrive on validation of facts and that is one of the best reasons why Montessori method is a big hit with kids.


Montessori method is not just for toddlers. The fundamental principles work wonders for elementary level kids as well. It sure makes learning a fun experience. Even if your child is not attending a formal Montessori school, you can still introduce her to Montessori activities at home. Once you start trying it, you will realise why it works!


If you have any experience with this methodology for your kids or students, please share your views on why Kids just love this Montessori.


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