5 Benefits of Taking Your Baby Out in Public

5 Benefits of Taking Your Baby Out in Public

30 Apr 2018 | 2 min Read

Muskan Pradhan

Author | 3 Articles

Doing outdoors had always been my routine before being a new mumma. So why not be the same when you’ve got company. There are various reasons why being outdoors benefits mommy and baby. I started taking my baby out when he was around a week old. Since then we have this morning stroller ride routine and it is still continued mostly because he gets fascinated with all the things around, specially the birds. So why you should also be outdoors:

Healthy Body: Bask in the morning till 8 am if you can specially with newborns. This helps in getting right amount of Vitamin D for bone formation. It is recommend by doctors also to have 5 mins session out in the sun for newborns to fight against diseases like jaundice.  This should not go on for longer than 15 mins.

Social development: Being outdoors helps for baby’s social development. When kids meet new people they try to understand different behaviour and expressions which helps in developing their personality and they learn the way to interact and communicate with others. Kids of similar age group if socialised together learn to be more friendly and caring with each other.

Enjoying the nature: With kids engrossed in mobiles and iPads these days it is very important to take them out so that they explore the beauty of mother nature and rejoice it. Don’t worry about them getting dirty coz that’s how they learn and just let them be.

Fit body and mind: For a better body and mind, any outdoor activity is a must for both mom and baby. You can pretend play or take up on any game and help your baby build a good sportsmanship quality. Or simply you can go for long walks with your baby to stay fit.

Venting your emotions: When it’s just you and your baby, you can talk endlessly and can be as expressive as you can. No judging, no cross questioning. Your baby’s vocabulary will increase and he’ll also understand the different kind of emotions.

With our busy lives these days, there should be at least one hour in a day when you are with your baby without phones/laptops and just enjoying the moment out.


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