Meal Plans: #Week 25 (7-12 months)

Welcome to Week 25 of Kiddy Kitchen! Our Healthy Eating Habits Expert Deepti Arora has some advice for you.

Remember young kids’ learning comes from daily interactions with and exploration of food. Keep it positive and simple.









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Kiddy Kitchen (Infant)

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This is exactly what I was looking for.

This is so well written.

Thank you for this post👍

M unable to see the complete post
Plz help!

I wish I knew this before

Thanks a lot for this post👍👍

काश मुझे यह पहले पता होता!

I wish I knew this before

Very helpful

पढ़ने में बड़ा मज़ेदार है!

इससे मुझे बहुत मदद मिली!

बहुत खूब लिखा गया है

Nice article but still confusion in preparation

Thanks for advice

Is it ok to give coconut for dinner? Babies vomit, isn't?

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