A quick run through your baby's milestones in the first Year

From the first sound they mumble to the first word they speak, from crawling on all fours to standing upright, there is little in life that compares to the joy of mapping your newborn's growth. But there is a lot more that's happening in the growth and development chart of your little one than meets the eye.


Here is all that you need to know about what's happening with your little one at various stages:

In the first four months, your little one has very poor vision, has trouble focusing on objects, and can barely make out images with their eyes. Their skin is sensitive and easily irritated. They are not yet able to move food to the back of their mouth.


Between four and eight months, teeth may begin to appear. Gums may become red and swollen accompanied by increased drooling, chewing, biting, and mouthing of objects. This is the painful teething period for your little one which will lead to lots of crying and discomfort. Play your bundle of joy songs through the day to keep them distracted and soothe their distress. This is also the age when your little one can sit erect unaided and grasp objects with both hands. It's a good time for colourful toys that are non-toxic and not too small.


Between eight and twelve months, your little one's arms and hands are more developed than their feet and legs. They can now see distant objects and will begin to point at them. You will know when they want to point out to everything from the airplane flying overhead to the neighborhood dog. This is the age when your little one can stack objects so those building blocks will finally come handy. You may begin to see your little one try to stand alone by leaning on furniture or nearby objects for support.


Between the ages of 12 to 24 months, your little one should have learned how to stand alone unassisted with feet spread apart. They love pushing and pulling toys at this age. After all, they're exploring the brand new activity of walking. It will be a good idea to get them toys such as movable cars, train sets,  or plastic pets.


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