Serradura Recipe – Easiest Dessert Pudding Ever!

Serradura Recipe – Easiest Dessert Pudding Ever!

I discovered the recipe to this awesome pudding just in time. A few days after T's birthday I had some extra packets of whipping cream lying around in the refrigerator just waiting to be used and what a stunning use this was. You can literally put this pudding together in a matter of minutes.

The Serradura is a Portuguese/Goan concoction. The word means 'saw-dust'. Given that there is a dusty layer of biscuit crumble, it is anybody's guess why it'd be called so. I for one have to try the traditional Serradura on my next visit to Goa.

T just lapped it up like a little puppy. Of course though after such indulgence he did turn into a little windup monkey for a bit. ;)

Here's what you need

1. Whipping cream

2. Condensed milk

3. Biscuits

4. Vanilla Essence

Here's what you will need to do

1. Whip the cream until soft peaks form

2. Add in the vanilla essence and condensed milk (to the degree of sweetness you prefer)

3. Whip the cream until hard peaks form

4. Set aside

5. In a bowl, make a layer of biscuit crumble. I used a mix of digestive and ginger biscuits, though one can use any like Marie, Glucose etc.

6. Next, layer the cream on top

7. Repeat with as many layers as desired to whichever thickness you prefer

8. Cool for a couple of hours and serve

9. One could make individual portions for toddlers

10. Mix things up

11. One could use Cocoa powder for a chocolate Serradura Or use cinnamon or cardamom powder in the whipped cream to give it a spice spin

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