Parents' Behaviour Affects Child Behaviour - Check Out How!

Parents' Behaviour Affects Child Behaviour - Check Out How!

Parents are the role model for their children. Every child learns something from his parents. Whether the parent’s behaviour is a positive or a negative, child gets influenced a lot. I still remember, my mother used to say, ‘children are like a wet soil, it is up to the parents how they shape it’. Therefore, it is very important that parents should set right examples in front of their children, otherwise negative behaviour can be ruinous for their children’s mental development.


Although we understand that parent’s behaviour affects child behaviour,  hence we now should check out how.


Social Behaviour

A child inherits his social behaviour and skills from his parents. It is being proven by the several research and studies that if the parents are social and outgoing, the child will be social too in his behaviour, naturally. And if the parents are antisocial, the same will be the behaviour of their child. Therefore, it is vital to set positive examples of social skills, so that the children can learn from the parents. The social skills are the skills which we use to communicate, both verbally and non-verbally. Using polite words like ‘thank you’, ‘please’, etc. and even gestures and body language can really help in developing  better communication and relationships with every individual. 

Positive Discipline

Every parent wants to raise a disciplined and well-mannered child. For establishing discipline, sometimes, parents do adopt physical punishment for their child in a perception that their child will learn quickly. In actual, a child never learns discipline from a physical punishment, instead, he becomes insolent. The child may start responding to a physical punishment aggressively, which is not good for his psychological development. Therefore, it is a need to establish positive discipline in his environment. For example, if your child did something wrong, do not punish him, instead, teach him how to set it right. In addition, if you find your child hitting someone, try saying, ’This is not a good choice, we don’t hit our friends. Do you want to say sorry and make your friend feel better?”

Remember, there are NO bad kids, there is a BAD behaviour.


Anger/Stress Control

Usually, parents shout or yell at their kids when they are in stress or in anger. This sort of parent’s reaction literally affects negatively to a child. Children get scared and shut themselves perceiving that they are the cause of stress in their parents. Whereas, if parents start controlling their anger or stress and react positively in front of their children, it gives a sense of feeling in the minds of children that their parents love them in every case. This positive behaviour in stress boosts the bonding between the parents and their children.


Never Abuse

Never abuse your child in any situation. This leaves a negative impact on a child’s psychology making him more violent and aggressive in nature. If a parent is habitual of abusing his child, he has actually destroyed the inside and the outside world of his child.


It is understandable that no parent imparts negative behaviour intentionally, however repeatedly showing negative behaviour affect your child’s behavioural development. Therefore, henceforth, avoid any negative behaviour and raise a healthy body with the healthy mind.


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