4 Easy Paper Plate Craft Ideas For Toddlers

4 Easy Paper Plate Craft Ideas For Toddlers

Paper Plate provides scope for so much of imagination and creativity. Easy paper plate crafts  can  be done by a 3-year old too.

Here are few quick and easy crafts that just require:

Paper Plate
Googly eyes


1. Fish – Painting is done by my toddler with watercolors. Eyes can be painted or stick googly eyes.


2. Lion Mask

Color paper plate with light and dark yellow
Cut the edges randomly
Paint eyes and nose or stick googly eyes
Punch 2 holes and Tie a thread


3. Dinosaurs

For Dinosaur lovers like my dinosaur boy. Kid can color the body and stick spikes on Stegosaurus and stickers on Brachiosaurus.



4. Handprint for Daddy

Simple handprint of baby on paper plate, few crayon grass and water color sea and a hook and the tagline for Daddy!!


Hope you and your little ones will enjoy making these easy-peasy paper plate crafts!!


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