Newborn Baby Skin Care Tips You Must Know

Newborn Baby Skin Care Tips You Must Know

Holding your little bundle of joy the first time is a blissful feeling, and while you do that, all you want is to be extra careful about not hurting their tender skin. The skin of your newborn baby is very delicate and needs a lot of pampering. Considering the skin’s sensitive nature, taking proper care is important to prevent rashes and allergies.

The skin of babies takes time to adjust to the new  environment around him and faces immense challenges of nappy/diaper rash, changes in temperature and humidity, and exposure to soaps and shampoos. Besides, the human skin is best when one is a baby and taking good care of a newborn's skin will go a long way in maintaining great skin throughout their life.

Here are some essentials you can consider for  promoting favourable health and texture of your little one’s skin.

Do Not Go Overboard With Baths


baby bath

Older children need to bathe every day but babies do not need a daily bath. Bathing them 2-3 times a week should suffice if you want to keep the natural oils intact in your newborn baby's skin.

Frequent bathing will not only dry out the skin but also rid the skin of substances that form a protective layer on it against infections and irritants. Cleaning the diaper area as often as necessary is essential.

Sponge baths are good to give in the beginning; avoid getting the umbilical cord wet to protect it from infection.

Go Gentle With the Products


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Your newborn baby’s skin is absolutely sensitive to chemicals and it’s best to carefully handpick hypoallergenic products specially formulated for babies for your precious little one.

Usually, these products are not toxic and do not contain deodorants or alcohol that can harm delicate skin. Make sure you check the label to know the ingredients and refrain from buying if there are too many chemicals used.

Tear-free bathing formulas do not irritate the baby’s eye and are good to look for.

Follow the Diapering Basics to the T



The skin around the diaper area needs to be handled with some extra care, particularly if you keep your baby in the diaper all day. The skin comes in direct contact with your baby’s pee and poo and you must make sure you change the diaper frequently after gently wiping with hypoallergenic and fragrance-free baby wipes each time.

It's a good idea to use a nappy rash cream to keep a check on painful manifestations in the diaper area. Give a few minutes of diaper-free time to your baby after every washing or wiping session to help the moisture dry naturally.

Combat Dryness With the Ever-loved Baby Lotion


Keeping your newborn baby’s skin moisturised is the key to keeping dryness at bay. Remember to apply a specially-formulated lotion after every bathing and wiping session.

Reach for the lotion every time you notice dryness and make sure you apply a good amount to seal the natural moisture on their skin.

Shield From the UV Rays of the Sun


While the soft rays of the early morning sun are good for your baby, refrain from a direct sun exposure in the later hours of the day as it can irritate sensitive skin.

In case you have to go out, make sure your baby is covered adequately to prevent the sun from directly hitting the skin. Use sun covers, hats, or umbrellas every time you hang out with your little one.

Be Prepared for Oddities


In the newborn period, rashes can be quite normal and sometimes you would notice them fade away just as quickly as they come.

Do not push the panic button if you notice an acne-like rash, flea-bite like marks, or skin peeling on your baby’s skin. Consult your paediatrician to know how to deal with them - the do’s and the don’ts - because the last thing you would want is an infection taking a toll on sensitive skin.

Time to Show Some Extra Love to Your Baby's Skin!


Handle your newborn's skin with a lot of love. In addition to the tips mentioned above, make sure the new outfits of your little munchkin are clean and washed and you make them wear loose clothes to prevent prickly heat rashes. Refrain from using baby powders which may result in respiratory distress and chemical detergents or chemical-laden baby products that are often known to lead to allergic reactions.

Your baby deserves every bit of pampering you can offer and a soothing massage with your own hands is not just good for the baby's skin, but it also fosters a healthy bond between the two of you. Go ahead and do your best to gift smooth and happy skin to the apple of your eye!


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