Educate About Privacy To Young Kids

Educate About Privacy To Young Kids

We often under-estimate our kids. We think these mini-humans would not understand some high concepts or intense thoughts or emotions. But they have a super potential to surprise us by their wisdom when we least expect them too.

These young minds are like sponges, they soak in everything they see or hear - be it good or bad!!

I used to tell my 3-year old about Privacy while taking shower, using washroom or dressing up or changing dress .. and used to emphasis that he is not allowed to enter the bathroom or the dressing room without permission of the person. And so should not even let anyone else enter without his consent.


Privacy is much more than just good touch or bad touch.

I started asking his permission before entering washroom when he is inside, so he would understand it better.

I couldn't lock the washroom because he feels scared being alone at home, so asks me to keep door open. Though he would just knock on the door or yell & ask standing at door - 'How much more time?' or 'Come out quickly'; he would never enter. Which I never realized until one day ......

So this little boy of mine was in the shower while his friend came home to play. This anxious and water loving boy wanted to enter the bathroom and take shower too.
The moment this dude opened the door, my dinosaur boy roared - 'Do not enter bathroom when someone is taking shower' !!

I couldn't believe my ears for a moment. It was like mixed emotion kind of few minutes for me - proud, happy, tearful (of course mommy hormones).
So a lesson he learnt and a lesson I learnt - 'Teach them from the young age itself, what you want them to believe and follow; what is correct and essential for them. And most important - Practise first !!'

Practise what you preach!!

Children learn more from what they see. Like how they imitate us by polishing shoes, keeping dishes in sink, changing the pajamas, reading newspaper, talking on mobiles.

They are watching us every single second.. and grasping something or the other for sure.. we want it or not.

If we Won't respect their privacy, they will never learn to respect others and also will not be able to object if their privacy is being compromised.


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