Fun Things to do With Your Newborn

Fun Things to do With Your Newborn

The advent of your little one leaves your eyes glued to all their actions 24*7, waiting for that little smile or some reaction. While the first look is worth all the wait and the successive months are nothing short of exciting, fun-filled moments, new parents are often lost when looking for fun things to do with their newborns.


The initial months are quite critical wherein you begin to build a bond with the baby, most of which depends on how you engage them. And guess what, engaging them is not a herculean task as you think it to be. All those times when you play and connect with them will be cherishable for you and will go a long way in building their language, social skill development, logical development, and emotional quotient. The more you stay connected to them, the better they will learn to express themselves and also feel valued.


Here are some fun things to do with your newborn. Get ready to fall in love with all those little joys:


Some time with the new-found world 

Parks are not just for older kids; your infant will enjoy just as well in the natural surroundings. The colours of nature and the fresh air make for a good change for the baby from the usual routine. Healthcare professionals around the world are united in their opinion about the impact of some park time for positive baby development.



Soothe them with music 

We all know how music is an absolutely soothing experience even in the most stressful times. Melodious music can not only have a relaxing effect on the infants but also boost their mental ability. You can play various genres, watch their reactions to different music, and build a playlist based on their likes. You can also sing along to make for a fun activity for with your newborn; that will help them develop a connection with your voice.



Preserve the precious moments in your photobooks   

Your baby will do different things each day, but these firsts are never going to come back. The best way to enjoy those beautiful little moves is to record them in photos and videos. You can use lovely ideas on Pinterest, dress them up to delight and capture those cutesy costumes and priceless expressions on your camera. All those fun newborn activities will stay etched in your memory forever, for you can go on and revisit the pictures anytime you want.



Tell them stories or read to them

It is never too early to read to your baby. It is one of those fun things to do with your infant that will also help immensely in developing their language skills. Make sure you woo them with different expressions and use intonations, and watch them react to your moves. Therapists and practitioners prescribe lots of reading time as a way to bond well too.



The good old hide 'n' seek

'Peekaboo' or 'hide and seek' or whatever you may call it; since there is a vernacular version of this game in almost all cultures; never fails to amuse the child. You will love how your baby giggles as you repeatedly hide your face behind a cloth or your hands and uncover with a sound and expression. This fun activity for kids will increase their alertness, create an emotional bond, and will be quite entertaining for both of you.



Engage them in coordination

Toys and colourful activities will not only be fun for the infant but also help them develop coordination skills. Install baby crib mobiles and hanging toys above the bed or crib, or invest in a playing gym. The baby will soon reach out for the toys to explore them. This will train them to play on their own as well.



Every activity is a step closer to your baby

Yes, this is a pretty emotional time for you with your new-found love, but do not try to hasten things or do everything all at once. Take it slow and enjoy every moment with fun activities for your newborn. You will be amazed at the responses of your baby. They will never stop  surprising you. 


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