Tick Tock Tick Tock! Time To Pack The Hospital Bag!

Tick Tock Tick Tock! Time To Pack The Hospital Bag!


So your bump has grown to an extent where you can barely see your feet! Back pains are taking over your body and you have to pee almost every hour. By now, you must have seen most of the videos and read about labor and childbirth online or offline. Congratulations expecting ladies! Your D-day is approaching.


It won’t be long when you’ll hold your bundle of joy in your arms. Is your hospital bag packed? Have you shopped for all the basics?

I was very particular about packing the essential items in my hospital bag on time. I surfed the Internet and packed quite a lot of stuff. Mommies to be, I’ll be listing down all the nitty-gritties that essentially were of use to me I don’t want you to over-pack or under-pack and go through the hassle of searching online. I’ll be presenting a comprehensive list of all the items required for your hospital stay.


The Big Question-When should you pack your hospital bag?


Well, for me packing the hospital bag was an activity in itself. I made the list, shopped for the important stuff, chose a bag for packing! It was a fun affair that kept me busy for few weeks.


Your hospital bag should be packed by the time you are 36 weeks pregnant. For high risk and complicated pregnancies, you should pack it earlier.


I have divided the D-day essentials on the basis of the needs- what you would need, what your baby would need and what attendants would need.

Since you are the most significant person in this whole situation, let us start with you.

Essentials For You

Your Wallet, Photo ID, Prescription and your Lab Reports,

Make sure you carry a valid ID proof for your admission in the hospital, your insurance policy if the birth of the child is covered and your prescription along with latest reports. Incase you have to go for an emergency C-section, your reports and previous history should be handy. Make sure you have the credit/debit card you would want to use at the hospital for payments.


Comfortable Slippers and Front open Gowns

You should have a comfortable pair of slippers to walk in the hospital during early labor. Most of the hospitals give their gowns to change into. Carry in case they don’t. You can carry loose t-shirts and lowers according to your ease.


Relaxed Undergarments

Pack 3 to 4 breast-feeding bras and cotton panties. Make sure you buy the right size. Note-your size won’t shrink immediately after birth.


Home-coming clothes for you

Carry a nice outfit for yourself for the day you would arrive at home. You would definitely want to have lovely pictures for this unforgettable day.


Maternity Pads-Maxi Size And a Nipple Cream

Ask at the hospital if they would provide you with this. If not, pack your own. You would need a nipple cream because your nipples might hurt during breastfeeding.


Socks and Lip Balm

It can get really cold in the Labor Room. So carry cotton socks to keep your feet warm. Your lips also tend to dry in cool dry air. A nice balm would come handy for those chapped lips.


Hair band and clips

You would need them to keep your hair in place during labor and feeding the baby.


Your mobile phone, charger and camera

To record your exceptional moments, do not forget to carry your gadgets. Also, you can play the music or chants of your choice during labor to calm you down


Face wash Towel, Moisturizer, Comb, Toothbrush

Carry the items required for your personal hygiene. You should pack small travel size ones. Most of the hospitals provide this. You should ask the hospital before packing. Attendants can also use these toiletries. Also, pack your glasses if you have an extra pair.

Essentials For The Baby

Stem Cell Kit

If you have taken the decision to bank umbilical cord cells, make sure you carry the kit provided by them. Also keep the phone number of the representative handy, as you would need to call them once you’re hospitalized


Onesies and bibs for the baby and a homecoming dress

You can carry 5 to 6 pairs of clothes for the newborn according to the weather. A cute home-coming dress for the baby will give you memories of a lifetime


Mittens, socks and caps and bibs

Pack these according to the weather.


Blanket and Swaddles

Make sure you wash all baby clothes in baby detergent and dettol before using. Carry 2 to 3 blankets and swaddles to wrap your little one.


Diapers, Diaper Cream and Wipes.

Most of the hospitals use diapers these days. Let them know if you do not plan on using them.

Mackintosh and Spare sheets

In case you do not want to use diapers, carry cloth nappies too along with soft cotton sheets.


Baby Wash, Shampoo and Baby cream

Most of the doctors do not recommend using anything on baby. Please consult the doctor and the brand of baby essentials you would want to use in case.

Essentials For The Attendants

A Hand Sanitizer

Make sure the guests and the attendants use the sanitizer when they come to meet you and the baby.



Carry the toiletries for your husband/family who would be staying with you in the hospital

I would highly recommend pregnant ladies to pack their hospital bags on time.

Also, question your hospital so that you do not over pack. Most of the hospitals provide a lot of stuff these days. I did carry breast pads too, but in reality milk starts flowing after 3 to 4 days. So I did not use them. You can bring soft pads for later use once you arrive at home. Also, make sure that your nail paint is removed. They do it in case of a    C-section.


As I end this article, I wish all the mommies to be reading this, that you have an easy labor and a healthy baby!


Feel free to ask any questions and add to this list. I would be coming the essential items you would need at home once the baby arrives in my next post!


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