I Miss You Dad!

I Miss You Dad!


Sometimes life throws you a bouncer and you impulsively dodge it. You come across as a brave soul, who has head in place and get tagged as strong--to the point that the worst storms pass you over without as much as a flicker in the eye.

I have seen storms-small gusts, big cyclones - but never of the tornado kind that seem to suck you up.

I have been blessed with comfort and security in life but have battled minor wars -- thanks to conflicts and stress. But then these only made me headstrong and a tight personality who remains calm even in the face of storm.

This day, I feel am I unfazed? Have I become so headstrong that I don't put impulse and emotion over attachments and grief.

I cried yes but never to the point that acceptable as 'just.' Have I become stiff or am I just pragmatic?

Losing my father didn't change me one bit. It didn't make me lock myself and grieve. It just made me re- develop my principles and make the best of life that is now!

Perhaps I should have grieved more but I simply am not able to let that happen. I still don't know why. I miss you Bauji and this trait I exhibit today is exactly inherited from you.; You've left me but you've left me stiffer and stronger. Yet I feel I dont cry enough.



This picture was taken our  first anniversary last year. And I had never thought that he would not be there for any more celebrations.


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