Teething Munches

Teething Munches

Your baby has started teething and you don’t know what to do? Help your baby ease into teething with these wafers and sticks that are yummy and organic.


Vegan Baby Snacks Ajwain Teething Sticks 150g by Early Foods


These organic whole wheat bread sticks are an amazing finger food for your babies who are just learning how to eat independently. These sticks also soothe the little gums and teeth that are just coming out. Super travel-friendly too. Just give them a stick in hand and watch them enjoy eating on their own. 


Tender Yums - Organic Teething Wafers - Apple, Spinach & Kale By Mimmo Organics



Tender wafers for tender tummies! Made in Italy with organic buckwheat, a smidgen of organic fruits and a hint of organic vegetables such as apple, spinach and kale. Perfect for little fingers to hold – make no mess and are easily dissolvable.


Tender Yums Organic Teething Wafers - Blueberry & Fig By Mimmo Organics



Made in Italy with Organic rice flour, corn flour, cane sugar, buckwheat flour,blueberry powder and fig powder. Tender Yums organic teething wafers are sure to keep your little one delightfully engaged!


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