Potty Training In One Day: How To Do It Right!
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Potty Training In One Day: How To Do It Right!

Potty Training In One Day: How To Do It Right!

Potty training your kids is a tricky task; it can test your patience but it is a learning experience for your little one. It marks the day of doing something on their own.

So how to make potty training a success with your kids? Read on.

Ensure That They Are Ready

Make sure that your child is ready for potty training, physically, as well as mentally. Generally, this is after age two-and-a-half. Ask yourself these questions:

• Can they follow simple directions?
• Can they tell you when they need to 'go'?
• Are they able to pull up their pants independently?
• Do they have the ability to hold it in for some time, or do you notice that their diapers stay dry for a long time?

If the answers to all the questions are yes, then its time to set up the big day!

Have the Talk

Talk to your child before deciding on a date. Tell them it is going to be a lot of fun. Build their confidence by saying they are going to be a big kid after this. This will make them comfortable and they will not be shy or upset if any accidents happen during the training.

Prepare for the Day

Set aside a whole day for potty training. It will be great if you and your child are the only ones at home so that interruptions will be limited. Complete your chores beforehand. For potty training in a day, you'll need:

• Potty chair
• Underwear (Even better if it's a colour they like; it makes them look forward to it)
• Their favourite snacks
• Beverages they love
• Rewards or treats they like
• Diapers

Potty Training Day

Sit him/her on the potty chair undressed from the waist down.

Now, it is all a game of patience. Read stories, sing songs, and make sure they drink lots of liquids. When your child finally 'goes', remember to appreciate and recognize their achievement. Clap and tell them they did a good job.

carrying baby

Next, you want to make the washroom visits a part of their day. So encompass more portions of your home in the training. Ask them to run from different areas of the home to the potty chair and try to go. Continue to play and sing with them until they are ready.

The times they will do it right, they will get a treat for it.

If they miss their turn, ask them to repeat the cycle.

Make sure they are comfortable running back to the bathroom when they feel the need. It is important to ensure that the baby does not feel like it is a chore.


Tips that Help

Keep in mind that accidents will happen. Don't scold your child. Berating will only make them more uncomfortable. Instead, encourage them to do it properly the next time. Keep paper towels and napkins handy for cleanup. It is important to take things at a  pace they are comfortable with. The slower the addition of space from where they can run to the bathroom will be, the lesser accidents will occur. With love and support, your child will be able to do a great job achieving this feat.