Build And Improve Your Relationship With Your Kid With These 5 Bonding Activities

Build And Improve Your Relationship With Your Kid With These 5 Bonding Activities

Forming a strong bond of trust, love, and faith with your child requires perseverance. But once formed, it is an affiliation you can always count on. As parenting is a challenge in itself, maintaining a strong bond would help promote an open channel of communication at all phases of life and help you understand them better. Hence, it is vital that you indulge in quality parent-child bonding activities to ensure a strong relationship between you and your child.

Further, parents who spend time with their children raise better behaved and emotionally stable kids. It is also a fact that an engaging parent-child bonding activity can boost your kid’s mental health and cognitive development.

If you are reading this, it obviously means you are interested in building and strengthening your relationship with your kid. Kudos to that! However, make sure that this process is enjoyable for both, you and your kid.

List of 5 Top Parent-Child Bonding Activities

Here are some interesting parent-child bonding activities that you could indulge in to build  your relationship with your child and make them feel loved.

Father and daugher playing

1. Gardening

This is one of the most fool-proof ways to connect with your child. Not only can you teach them about the importance of plants and educate them about the various plant species but you can also watch them grow and have fun in harvesting the produce.

2. Arts and Crafts

Do you remember how a huge part of homework used to be arts and crafts once? You would sit with your parents with colourful papers and glue and what a lovely time it would be! Similarly, you can bond very well with your kid by helping them with their homework. They would love watching you do fun things with crafts! Engage them and let them also participate in the fun. This would not only shape the creative streak of your kid but also help them get close to you.

3. Play with them

Remember those jungli days you spent running in the park with your mother? Or those cricket sessions with your father? Nostalgic, right? It used to be hours of running and monkeying around and a tall glass of lassi to end it all! Your child would definitely enjoy such play hours with you. You can also try a sport like cycling or swimming with your little one. In case the weather conditions are not conducive for all these, how about a simple game of ludo or snakes and ladders?


4. Go on a Date

This is yet another parent-child bonding activity that is fool-proof and an instant success.  Plan a day out with your child and do everything that he/she likes. The best part about kids is that they get happy with little things itself. Your day out can even be just a pani puri contest or a visit to the nearby ice cream parlour!

5. Sit Back, Read Stories, or Just Gossip

Spend quality time catching up with your kid’s life and enjoy meaningless gossip with him/her. Indulge in sweet nothings with them and get them to open up about their school, friends, and other personal trivia. When was the last time you opened a comic book or a storybook? You can sit together and bond over your kid's favourite stories.

Parting Thought

Bonding with your little one is a really fulfilling and personal experience. There is no hard and fast rule on what kind of parent-child bonding activity would click for you and it varies from child to child. However, the key rule is that you both must enjoy doing it and make it a regular practice.


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