Learning Toys Series: Day 5
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Learning Toys Series: Day 5

Learning Toys Series: Day 5

Numbers control the world. Happy Pod and Sulky Pod star in this activity box is all about numbers! Brimming with fun items, the Number Ninjas box is designed by educationists to instill the love for math and numbers in your child through engaging games and activities.

Activity 1 - Happy Pod's Bowlerama

Knock down number pins and practice counting skills with the Bowlerama activity

Activity 2 - Number Jumber Flash Tiles

Solve fun math quizlets orally to play an exciting math game with the Number Jumber Flash Tiles

Activity 3 - Happy Pod's Clockity Clock

Create your own real fun clock with the Clockity Clock activity to practice telling time

Activity 4 - Happy Pod's Ladybug Counter

Practice counting and addition with a friendly ladybug

Activity 5 - Read how Happy Pod helps Sulky Pod collect lots of apples in the Pod Storybook – Happy Pod and Sulky Pod go Apple Picking

And of course a Happy Pod Collectible for your child to build his or her very own Pod Collection.

So commence your child’s journey into the fun world of Numbers!



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