Health Foods: Are they Really Healthy?

Health Foods: Are they Really Healthy?

17 Apr 2015 | 2 min Read

Deeksha Masiwal

Author | 10 Articles

Some labelling by food industry is confusing and mislead consumer to eat more thinking that these food items are healthier, when they are actually not. Low-fat, reduced-fat, multi-grain, diet, baked all sounds healthy, find out how these are actually marketing tricks.


Health conscious people think avoiding fat is healthy. However, our body needs small amounts of fat too and getting this fat from saturated fats and butter is far better than going for “low-fat or reduced fat” food products that may have trans-fat or hydrogenated oil. Choose food products that have saturated fat in moderation.


“Multigrain bread” is another product where it seems that more grains make a bread healthier, but having several grains doesn’t make it as healthy as whole grain bread. The main ingredient in this could be refined wheat flour, so choose bread with whole grains and go for either whole grain or whole wheat bread instead.


If you think “Diet Coke/Pepsi” is healthy than think again as soda could never be healthy, irrespective of diet or not. Few studies even suggest that Diet Soda may cause considerable weight gain by stimulating appetite. Also, use of artificial sweeteners like Aspartame in this is linked to increased risk of some cancers. 


“Baked snacks” are another seemingly healthy option but it’s not as healthy as you think. Of course, they offer fewer calories than fried ones but because fat is more filling you end up eating more of these and don’t save much on calories.


So next time, when you are out for shopping choose more natural and less processed foods, as processed foods can never be as healthy as the ones fresh from nature.

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