5 Lessons My Daughter Has Learnt From The Movie Dangal

5 Lessons My Daughter Has Learnt From The Movie Dangal

11 Jul 2018 | 3 min Read

Alpana Deo

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Enter the Dangal through my eyes, Let’s watch Dangal my way.


I am among the latecomers who have watched Dangal. I watched it with my daughter. Two of us have movie night every alternate Friday.


While watching it, I felt like writing a post on it. Not a movie review but something that I had experienced. Wrestling is considered as boy’s sport considering the strength and energy that goes in it. Apart from the message that there shouldn’t be any discrimination between girl and boy. Girls are nowhere weaker than boys. Dangal is the true story of a hardworking father, Mahavir Phogat, who trained his daughters –Geeta and Babita to become some of the best wrestlers of the country when women weren’t considered to be capable of wrestling. It revolves around how their Dad who himself was a Wrestler wanted his girls to take up Wrestling as a career. Recognizing their caliber, going against all the odds he trains them; he encourages them to excel in it and win Gold Medal for India.


Apart from the message the movie conveys that there shouldn’t be any discrimination between girl and boy. Girls are nowhere weaker than boys. I saw a few other messages the movie conveys.


Never be judgemental towards your parents: Parents have to get strict on many occasions but it is only because they want to see the best for their children.


Siblings are our biggest moral supporters: And they also help us staying down to earth. In the movie when the elder one wins many medals, she starts questioning her dad’s teaching style saying that it is outdated (that’s the part my daughter didn’t like). But that time, her younger sister reminds her of their initial days.


Many time we have to fight against the odds if we have to rise: Everything doesn’t come in an easy manner. We have to face many challenges, fight against them, stand for yourself and come out of it as a winner. That’s the true success. Success is not just never loosing. Success is getting up every time you fall and starting with extra force.


Old is gold: Even if new things may look like gold but one should never forget their roots, their teachings. They may seem rusty in the flashiness of the new ones but if you can focus and think back to what you have learned in the past, the answer could be something you already know.


Believe in yourself, motivation should come from within: Your coach, teacher, a mentor can only guide you to a certain level. The inner zeal is what takes you to the heights. In the movie, when Geeta was fighting the last deciding moments, she remembered her father’s coaching lessons. She remembered when he said scoring 5 points in boxing is not very easy but it’s not impossible. She recollected all her strength, positivity, confidence and scored those 5 points and won the medal.


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