More About The Vriksha Way of Child Development!

More About The Vriksha Way of Child Development!

23 Apr 2015 | 3 min Read

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Vriksha Child Development Centre, Is an integrated pre primary school, daycare and activity centre. With its centre in powai a suburban area in North East Mumbai, it has a very child friendly environment. Their vision is to build an educational institution which by becoming an extension of a child’s home moulds the child into a complete individual and a proud citizen of India. They have a mother toddler programme as well and provide the child with a wholesome experience.

We learnt the following things during our conversation with the Preschool head.

1. Tell us more about yourself:

I am Ms. Indira Iyer. I am a chartered accountant, a company secretary and a Certified Information Systems Auditor. I have 13 years of experience as a finance Professional.

2. What is the teaching method that has been adopted by your school?

The curriculum followed by Vriksha is guided by Howard Gardner’s ‘Theory of Multiple Intelligences’. It also draws from the Reggio Emilia approach to early childhood education. It also has certain charecteristics of the playway method.

3. What are the core values or principles the school tries to incorporate in its students?

We firmly believe that most of the elements of a child’s system of core values, beliefs and habits are formed in the early years of childhood. Hence inculcation of healthy eating habits, good manners, share & care attitude and a sense of pride in the Indian way of living is a prime focus in Vriksha.

4. A day in the life of a student from your school?

The children begin their day with a prayer followed by the National Anthem. This is followed by circle time during which children interact freely with the teachers as well as their classmates. Subsequent to which concept based learning happens. This is followed by a snack break, activity time and then freeplay. The children also have weekly outdoor garden time and weekly AV time to widen the horizons of learning. Yoga, music and dance are inter-woven into their day’s schedule to enrich the experience.

5. Which schools do most of your children go to after graduating?

Our children have moved to all the established schools in Powai, Mumbai, like Hiranandani Foundation School, Bombay Scottish School and Poddar International school.

6. What is the best part about being a preschool head?

There is no bigger joy than seeing a child feel at home in the school. When children refuse to go home with their parents, we feel the fruition of our efforts. A smiling child is a joy to behold.

7. Why should people choose Vriksha?

We provide special attention to each child, because we believe children are unique. The focus of our world is children and children only. Every thought and action is guided by the singular objective of making kids happy and aiding their development.

Vriksha provides transport facility and they also have an indoor and outdoor play area. Their teacher student ratio is 1:10 and February is the start of the admission season.

Get to know more about the school at: Vriksha

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