Importance Of Proteins For Children

Importance Of Proteins For Children

Bad habits die hard, but good habits start young. It is essential to pay keen attention to your child’s platter from a young age to equip the child with the nutrients to cater to their everyday needs. Protein for kids are the secret to making your baby strong.


What are proteins?


Remember the old school dictum, that proteins are the building blocks of the body? They indeed are! If our body were a biryani, proteins would be the rice. They are the abundant, essential, and basic structures that constitute everything in the body, from muscles, tendons and ligaments, to nerves.


Why do kids need protein?


The importance of protein is significant in human beings of all ages, more so in children. Protein for children helps them grow. Proteins help your kids maintain their super-human energy levels that allow them to play all day. Proteins are required by the body for repair, wound healing, formation of blood, boosting up immunity, maintaining a healthy metabolism, as a source of energy for everyday activities, building cells and muscles in the body, and supporting healthy physical and cognitive development.


How do I increase protein intake for children?


Children can be quite picky when it comes to meals, and you cannot reason with their choices. The best way is to incorporate varied natural sources of proteins in the meal like milk, eggs, lean meat, fish, paneer, cheese, peanut butter, soy, and yogurt. Add more of pulses or beans to your diet. You can try a variety of tricks, like adding pre-boiled pulses to vegetables like ghiya, torai, etc., or adding a few soyabean nuggets to your curry to increase protein intake for children. The white of a boiled egg is an excellent source of protein and kids love it too! Getting these into routine everyday meals is the first step toward a balanced diet and toward a healthier child!


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