The Best Ayurvedic Digestion Medicines For Babies

The Best Ayurvedic Digestion Medicines For Babies

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Indigestion can happen to anyone. But when a baby has it, it is often difficult to diagnose and needs to be treated gently. Since infants can’t express the discomfort clearly, it may take a while for you to understand why your child is crying more than usual. Some of the symptoms to look out for are irritation, constant crying, bad breath, and a change in the consistency of your baby’s stool.

If you notice any or all of these symptoms, then it is time for you to take action. The first step is to consult a doctor to make sure that the problem your baby is facing is actually a digestion problem and not something bigger. Once that is established, medication or treatment can be administered accordingly. Since babies have delicate functioning that cannot withstand high dosages of medicine, Ayurveda provides a natural alternative that is free from side-effects and is safe to use. However, every individual responds differently to various methods of treatment and you ought to be more careful with babies. So, consult your doctor before giving your baby any medication.

Here is a list of five Ayurvedic baby digestion medicines that you can consider the next time your child has indigestion.


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1. Aravindasavam

Specifically meant for children, this liquid medication improves digestion and strength. For a mild digestion problem, dilute a teaspoon of this tonic in an equal quantity of water and give it to your baby after breakfast or lunch. In case of a severe digestion issue, you can do this twice a day instead of once.

2. Shringa Bhasma

This baby digestion medicine is popularly used across the country and is made by grinding deer horns which contain a high nutritional value. Besides digestive problems, Shringa Bhasma is also used for respiratory issues. Give your baby 30 mg of this powder with ghee or honey after lunch.

3. Balachaturbhadra Choorna

This medication is a mixture of four herbs and is available in powder form. It treats common paediatric issues such as cough and cold in children other than digestion problems as well. 0.5 to 1 gram of this powder is to be mixed with honey and fed to your child after lunch.

4. Jahar Mohra Pishti

Available in both, tablet and powder form, this medicine is made from the Mohra stone and is very effective in treating indigestion in babies. It is also used for cough and heartburns. Further, it is a natural coolant and can be taken before or after food.

5. Triphala

As the name suggests, this medication is made out of three fruits – amla (gooseberry), bihara (spring fruit), and harada (chebulla). It can be used by both, children, as well as adults. It treats stomach issues like indigestion, constipation, etc. Give your child one teaspoon of this juice at night after dinner.

Wrapping Up

Ayurveda is an old and effective method of treating regular health issues such as indigestion.

So, the next time your baby is suffering from a digestion issue, all you have to do is pull this article out from your saved files and choose one of the five baby digestion medicine options above! But remember, self-diagnosis can be dangerous which is why you need medical supervision and a doctor’s permission before administering any  of these medicines.


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