Homeopathic Medicine for Appetite in Child

Homeopathic Medicine for Appetite in Child

The initial years of a child’s life are very important. The child’s growth, height, and diet all have to be managed accurately. Equally important is weight gain in children. It is important to ensure that the child gets a well-balanced diet covering all aspects of nutrition for the development of the child’s physical and mental faculties.


Ideal weight of children


Weight gain in children differs from child to child. It would be unwise to compare your child with another child. Therefore, it is advisable to check your child’s growth against a growth chart and ensure it is within the normal range. The growth chart helps us understand if the child is healthy for age and what changes need to be made in the baby’s diet and lifestyle for continued good health.


Babies grow fast initially – from 0-6 months, the ideal weight gain is around 140 to 200 grams per week. The baby doubles its birth weight by the age of 5 months and roughly triples its birth weight by the age of 12 months. At 4 to 6 years, your baby will put on 2 kilograms per year. At 7 to 12 years, the baby will put on 3 kilograms per year. If your baby does not gain enough weight for his/her age, you can consult your doctor to find out why.


These are the Indian Academy of Paediatrics and WHO- recommended growth charts ( height and weight) for boys and girls upto the age of 18 years, respectively. You can ask your paediatrician for such a chart for your child to chart the growth yourself.




Homeopathy for weight gain in babies


Homeopathy aims to help baby gain weight faster in a healthy manner. Here are some homeopathic medicine for babies to help them gain weight.


1. Alfalfa

This perennial plant is famous for its medicinal properties in the homeopathic world. This tried and tested remedy is known to improve appetite, nourish the body, and improve digestion, thus leading to weight gain.


2. Natrum mur

This common salt naturally found in the sea is a wonderful homeopathic remedy. It is a perfect cure for when the mother of the child is absent or the child is in an incubator. Natrum mur helps when there is late bonding between the mother and the baby, and there is a delay in growth and weight gain. Natrum mur plays a vital role in weight gain when the child displays the following characteristics: The child is hungry but still loses muscle, has an unquenchable thirst for water, is worse in a warm room and at the seashore, and is better in the open air and with bathing with cold water. This remedy is good in chronic malaria cases when the child has constipation, weakness, and loss of appetite with weight loss.


3. Iodium

This medicine is good when the baby has a high basal metabolic rate and has loss of weight in spite of a good appetite. The child has an excessive thirst for water. The medicine is very effective in thin, dark complexioned children with enlarged glands.


4. Tuberculinum

Tuberculinum is effective in babies with a light complexion and a narrow chest whose immunity is low, and there is a tendency to catch cold. Tuberculinum is effective when no other remedy seems to work and the child displays the following characteristics: The child has symptoms that change constantly, there is rapid emaciation, a desire for cold milk, and the child is better in the open air. This medicine improves immunity and appetite.


It is always good to consult your homeopathic doctor before consuming any medicines. Homeopathy for babies gives your child a healthy today and paves the way for a better tomorrow.


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