Newborn Baby Health Tips: How To Ensure Your Baby’s Health?

Newborn Baby Health Tips: How To Ensure Your Baby’s Health?

Congratulations on safely bringing your young one into this world. You would start getting countless visitors and well-wishers who come laden with newborn baby health tips that they believe in.

Now, as a new momma it is normal to feel paranoid about the health and  wellness of your baby and be reluctant to try things without a medical explanation. Everything you do or buy would first have to go through your scrutiny before getting in touch with your little one.

But that is not enough to ensure your baby’s health and overall development.  Here are some newborn baby health tips that could help you rest your paranoia and enable you to enjoy motherhood better.

Tips to Ensure a Healthy Baby

While you do need regular paediatric visits and doctor’s advice to make sure your baby is healthy and on par with the growth chart, there are a few newborn baby health tips that could help prevent unnecessary health-related hassles.

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Introducing Diapers

This is a major question which every parent goes through once their baby is born. Irrespective of whether you want to use a cloth diaper or a discardable one, it is crucial that you monitor how much your baby pees or poos to minimize the risk of urinary tract infections, diaper rashes, and other health complications.

Keep a watch on the colour of the baby’s stools/urine and check with a paediatrician in case of any abnormalities. Keep the private parts dry and rash-free.


Your baby doesn’t need additional supplements during the first six months and must be exclusively breastfed during this period. However, not every mother’s health condition would be conducive for this and you should consult with your paediatrician about alternate ways to nourish your baby. Don’t keep trying to breastfeed if the supply is inadequate or your baby has difficulty in latching.

Ensure that you hold your baby in a comfortable position while feeding and get it to burp after every feed. If you find your baby crying incessantly, don’t assume it is hungry and check if it is feeling colicky or has an ear infection.


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Baby Massage

While your little one is growing up, its tiny structure is constantly changing, and the bones and muscles need to be strong enough to ensure its health. Massaging the baby with a mild massage oil would also help the baby relax and sleep properly.

Sleep Routine


baby sleep

Your newborn would need copious amount of sleep in the first few months of its birth. However, it is essential that after a few weeks, you start developing a bedtime routine for your baby. This would ensure that your baby has a concrete sleep schedule at night and shorter naps during the day. Avoid using too many pillows and comforters in the crib to reduce the risk of SIDS.


Your newborn would have a tendency to explore its surroundings and try to put everything in its mouth. This might lead to stomach infections and an irritable bowel. Hence, it is very important that you try to keep its toys and surroundings clean and hygienic.

Wash and boil all the bottles, pacifiers, and teethers that you give to your baby so as to eliminate germs and contamination, and keep it closed when not in use.

Some Parting Thoughts

To ensure that your baby stays healthy, never miss out on a paediatric visit and ensure that your baby is vaccinated on time. While every baby has its own development rate, you have to keep monitoring your baby for any abnormalities or growth delay symptoms. Lastly, relax, you would definitely know and understand your baby better as the time passes.


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