Rawa Uttapam Recipe

Rawa Uttapam Recipe

Today's recipe is something I relished as a kid, prepared by my mom – Rawa Uttapam or Indian Semolina Pancakes. It's a straight forward recipe calling for mere 5 easily available ingredients which together make up a filling and lip-smacking breakfast. While the traditional South Indian Uttapam calls for a fermented batter prepared using lentils and rice, this Rawa Uttapam recipe has a base of curd or yogurt that yields a moist and tangy product. So no need for a yoghurt or dip too!

Rawa or Semolina is a very healthy food ingredient made from wheat. It tends to give a full feeling on consumption and since it swells up well the Uttapams turn out very soft. It is better to use day old curd or yogurt which imparts sourness to the Uttapams compared to fresh curd. A minimum of 1 our soaking or staying of the batter is recommended so that the rawa has ample of time to swell up and bind well on cooking. I have omitted the onions but they can easily be a part of the recipe, if you wish. Try chopped spring onions in comparison to regular red or white onions. Here goes the recipe.

Rawa Uttapam or Indian Semolina Pancakes Recipe


1. 1 cup Rawa or Semolina

2. 3/4cup Curds (preferably a day old), lightly whisked

3. ¼ cup finely chopped Coriander leaves

4. 2 tablespoons chopped Green chillies

5. ½ cup tomatoes, finely chopped

6. Salt as per taste

7. Oil for cooking


Step 1 – In a bowl, mix all the ingredients well. Let the batter sit for a minimum of 1 hour or, maximum of 4 hours at room temperature.

Step 2 – On a hot non-stick griddle (tawa), sprinkle some oil. Pour about 4 tablespoons of the uttapam batter, spread to desired thickness. Let the uttapam cook on one side for minimum of 5 minutes or till the sides appear to peel off from the griddle.

Step 3 – Flip the uttapam and cook on the other side in the same manner. You can also choose to cover and cook the uttapam.

Tips: You may mix grated cheese in the batter. In that case, use enough oil to cover the griddle which prevents the Uttapam from sticking to the griddle.

Let me know if your child enjoyed the Rawa Uttapams / Indian Semolina Pancakes. Please share this post if you like this post and also share your comments on your child's reactions :-)

Till then, love being a mommy!

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