New Father: Life After Baby

New Father: Life After Baby

Being a father for the first time is a heartwarming moment. However, the arrival of a baby in your life will require you to revise how you used to go about your daily life. As you embark on this journey of being a father, there are many changes that you are going to witness.

While you might feel emotionally stressed and overjoyed at the same time,  becoming a new father is actually an experience that is going to stay with you forever. If you are unsure about what changes to expect after the baby enters your life, read this article to know more.

Increased Responsibility and Changed Routine

Scrape down your old routine, for it’s time for you to design a new one. If you hated shopping before, be prepared in advance to run multiple errands. If laundry wasn’t your thing, get ready for visits to the laundry room.

As a new father, you would progressively notice that your child needs a lot of attention. From changing diapers to feeding your hungry kid, there is a lot of work cut out for a new father. So, be prepared.

Moreover, whether it is food or clothing or medical expenses, there will be many things that your little one might require. Therefore, it is always helpful to cut down your expenses on things that you feel are not essential at the moment, so that your baby gets the best treatment in the world.

Be Ready for Random Sleep Interruptions


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Your baby will sleep and wake up whenever he or she will feel like it. So, get ready for random sleep interruptions.  Though the middle-of-the-night cries will make you a tad agitated in the beginning, give yourself some time as those night time cuddles are the best way for a new father to emotionally bond with his baby.

If you are an early-to-bed or a late-to-bed kind of person, forget either of them, for your new routine will majorly depend on what your little one follows.
So, keep in mind that the random sleep disturbances will be totally worth it.

Shortened Work and ME time

Once this responsibility of being a new father knocks, you will need to alter your schedule so as to make as much time for the baby. In this process, sometimes, you might realize that you are not getting enough time for yourself. That's perfectly alright. If you really need some ME time to be in your zen, wake up early and spend those early hours with yourself.

Be creative with your schedule and balance your work and personal life so that neither your baby nor your partner feels left out.

Celebrate with your Partner


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Parenthood is a responsibility that both you and your wife will share together. Like you, her responsibility has also multiplied. Take turns when it comes to caring for your little bundle of joy in order to enjoy this experience even more.

Welcome to the New Father Club!

There is more to being a new father than just relating to clichés that you might have heard. Fatherhood is, undoubtedly, a surreal experience and a journey that is flooded with unlimited joy and satisfaction. Even though there will be challenges along the way, don’t be too hard on yourself. Reshaping yourself and your routine take time and practice. Trust us, everything will turn out just fine.

Happy parenting!


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