Why Do Babies Cry?

Why Do Babies Cry?

Motherhood can be pretty daunting for the first few months after delivery. Your little one is just getting acquainted with the new world, and you too are just getting to know your baby. Plus the language barrier doesn't help. You would find your baby crying many times during the day and the nights are not any better. Don’t worry, this will all change after some time, and there will be a day when you won’t have to be told what your baby needs when it is crying.

However, until then, here are some obvious reasons behind why babies cry.

Why Do Babies Cry?

Since babies can't talk, they resort to crying for their needs. The key to soothing your crying baby is to understand and eliminate the cause.


This is often the most obvious reason behind your baby crying. If it is low pitched and short and coupled with signs like sucking fists, smacking lips, and restlessness, feed your baby right away.

Diaper Change

If you have put your baby on diapers and have forgotten to check on it for some time, there is a good chance that the diaper is soiled, filled, or too tight for the baby. If your baby’s cries sound too deep, it means it is uncomfortable and needs a change. Always ensure the diaper size you buy is the right fit for your baby to avoid discomfort or leakages.

Gas or Stomach Ache

Your baby needs to be burped properly after every meal and given some time to aid digestion. If your baby’s tummy looks a bit bloated and if the baby looks distressed, it might be having a stomach ache or feeling gassy. Persistent wails and screams which increase in intensity is a sure sign of stomach ache.

Tired or Sleepy

Your baby will need your help to sleep, at least during the initial few months after birth. If your baby is not trained to self-soothe and sleep, it might cry out for help. The cry would be continuous, low-pitched, and increasing in intensity. If you see evident signs of tiredness like yawning and rubbing of eyes, take your baby to a silent place away from distractions and help it fall asleep. You can try singing a lullaby, reading a story, or just rocking your baby for a while.


Sometimes all your little one wants is your attention. What might start off as cooing could end up in cries. This is just your baby's way of saying 'Mumma, give me some attention.'


crying baby


If your baby looks less active and cries in weak whimpers, then there is a high probability that your baby is unwell and needs medical attention. Check for additional signs of ill health like rising temperature, diarrhea, rashes, vomiting, or a runny nose. Don’t hesitate to contact a pediatrician and get your baby examined.

Parting Thoughts

While these are the most common explanations for why babies cry, there can be many other reasons as well. Learn to observe your baby’s cues and crying patterns to understand the reasons for its distress. Try putting your baby into a systemic regimen of feeding, pooping, and sleeping so that you can easily decode why is it crying based on its routine.

Always keep a stock of all medicines prescribed by the pediatrician for fever, colic, and stomach aches.



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