Nursing Clothes For A New Mom

Nursing Clothes For A New Mom

Congratulations on your newborn! It’s a phase of mixed emotions really.

Your joy knows no bounds and you want to give the best care to your baby, which means being on your toes all the time and spending sleepless nights.

Having a baby teaches you to juggle between multiple things. From tending to the needs of your little bundle of joy to getting sleep to function, the last thing you’d want to be in is uncomfortable clothes.

With the plethora of dressing options available today for nursing comfort, style does not have to take a backseat.

Calling all new mommies to bid adieu to those plus size maternity clothes and take a look at these functional clothing ideas.

Nursing Clothing Ideas for the New Mother

Cross-front and Wrap Tops

These tops usually have a tie fastening mechanism on the waist for convenient access. Chic yet comfortable, they make nursing a breeze while you are on-the-go.

wrap top

Button Down Shirts


button shirt

Who doesn’t love to own a stylish button-down shirt, be it with stripes, floral print, or checks? These are great for when you need to tend to your baby’s needs periodically. A loose shirt looks fabulous; layer it with a cami if you think it is transparent.

Zipper Front Kurtis, Tops or Dresses


Zipper dress

Just like buttoned shirts, a zippered front provides easy access anytime, anywhere to make nursing quick and simple. It enables discreet feeding when you are out.

All you need is an over-sized scarf to cover yourself up when you cannot have privacy.

Nursing Tanks and Nursing Cami

A nursing camisole goes under any dress you wear for a layered look or when the shirt you wear on top is transparent. Nursing tanks are a cool addition to your casual ensemble.

They come with a simple, clip down function for feeding access.

Nursing Bras

Available in several patterns to add convenience to nursing sessions without looking boring, nursing bras are an absolute must-have for new moms.

From options such as wired to wireless, lacy or printed to plain, strappy to strapless, wrap style to clip down, you will be left spoilt for choice.

Nursing Tops

Rolling functionality and aesthetics into one, nursing tops are specially designed for new moms. Look for styles such as lift over drape, one press button closure, flap style with a hidden zipper inside, or a long pretty dress with a cape designed for quick access.

Convenient yet fashionable, they ensure your wardrobe doesn’t look dull in the post-partum phase.

What’s more, you can use them even later and they would look like just any other stylish top.

Nursing Scarves



Nursing scarves are good to carry along every time you step out of the home with your baby. Allowing discreet nursing, they are available in several designs and eye-catching prints and can be draped around the neck long even after the nursing phase as chic scarves.

Nursing Nightwear

Make sure you have a few sleep bras with the nursing function to keep you comfortable through sleep and during late night feeds. Nursing nightwear is usually made of a stretch material for optimum comfort and a relaxed fit. Loose fitted tees, pajamas, and stretch cotton nighties are useful buys.

Ending Note

So, all you new moms must have gotten a fair idea of the clothing items your post-maternity wardrobe should have. Keep in mind that what works for someone else may not necessarily work for you. Use your discretion to choose what nursing clothes you need to buy before your baby’s arrival.

Hey, hold on! Don’t just go out and buy an entirely new wardrobe before scanning what you already have. Check your closet for functional tops with snap buttons, zippers, and wrap ties as these give easy access and are perfect when you are nursing your baby.

It’s time to enjoy this golden period of your life to the fullest!

Happy motherhood!


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