My Mother Is The Best In The World : And Here’s Why

You are the best mother in the world! Yes, we are telling you that. Yes you! Don't believe us? Then here's the proof of the pudding that you made yourself (pun completely intended)

Being a mother can be an endless, tiring and most often undervalued job. At least that's what most mothers end up feeling one time or another. But every once in a while the job can be rewarding and enriching – its when your child gives you that warm hug at the end of a long day, or when she looks for you in a crowd of people for a sense of comfort or when they wave out to you in the audience after winning a medal in school, or even when they have a fall while running a race! That's why mothers do it; the world over, every day and even at nights - for that one smile, one hug or those words of appreciation that are oh so precious. So, what better way to celebrate your special day than telling you exactly why you mean the world to your little ones? We asked your children, why their mommy was the best in the world, and here's what they had to say!

1. Aiana Dhillon's son Udayaditya, aged 8, quickly said, "My mom's is the best in the world because she just let's me be me!"

2. Savira Thukral's daughter, Harmaya, aged 6, seemed well beyond her age when she replied, "My mother is the best in the world because she loves me the most and is my best friend. She guides me to identifyfrom the good and bad and she makes me feel like a princess. She completes my family and the home looks happy when she is around, and when she is not, its just sad and also messy. I think all moms are special because they are just that "moms!"

4. Aarti Agarwal's son Anav, aged 5, shared the way to his heart when he told us why his mom is the best in the world, its because, "She cooks all the food I love to eat"

5. Gourabi Sharma's son Vihan, aged 6, found his partner in crime with his mom we think. Read and you'll know. "My mom is the best in the world because she is just like me she talks as much as I do and she is as naughty as I am"

6. Sandhya Rajesh's son Aaryan, aged 12, revealed the many hats his mom wears everyday when he said, "My mother is the best in the world because she takes care of me, buys me everything I need, helps me with my studies and is an awesome cook"

7. Ruchi Kapoor's son Aaditya, aged 7, spoke like a true yogi's son (his mom is a yoga trainer) when he shared, "My mom is like god, because just like god she gives me everything I need and keeps me safe and happy."

8. Kruti Arora's daughter Vaanya aged 4, shyly revealed, "My mummy is the best because she gives lots of hugs and kisses and play with me

Mother's take heart, you are being valued, everyday, for every little thing you do and the proof of it is the happiness in your child's eyes as they look at you. Happy Mother's Day.

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