Celebrating Siblings: The Book Way!

Celebrating Siblings: The Book Way!

14 Aug 2018 | 4 min Read

Anisha Tulsian Bajaj

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The craziest and most wacky moments we spend are invariably those that we spend with our siblings. The beauty of this God gifted relationship is beyond any description. However, we have a bookie-wookie solution to all sorts of moods and situations (well almost all!). Presenting to you a lovely compilation of the finest children books (suitable for kids between 3 to 7 years old) celebrating the beautiful bond of Siblings.

1. Amma Tell Me About Raksha Bandhan by Bhakti Mathur (author) and Maulshree Somani (Illustrator):



This book is hot off the press and was released on August 5th, 2018. It talks not only about mythological stories related to the festival but also traditions and rituals around the festival. It is a part of the “Amma Tell Me About” series curated by the author to introduce various mythological stories to young children. The Indian context, easy and rhyming text as well as relatable and detailed illustrations help readers (of all ages) to immediately connect with cultural roots and traditions.


2. Peter’s Chair by Ezra Jack Keats:



The author, Ezra Jack Keats (1916–1983) is the Caldecott Medal winning author of The Snowy Day. Peter’s Chair is yet another classic children book by him. It is a lovely book depicting emotions and feelings of a boy who has a new baby sister. The mix of happiness as well as tight-fistedness, the little sense of envy and also insecurity amongst the new brother or sister on arrival of a sibling is very beautifully illustrated in this story. Peter’s father paints his old cradle pink and next picks up the old crib too. Then his parents even want to paint Peter’s old chair! “Let’s run away, Willie,” he says to his dog. And they run away after grabbing the little blue chair so that his father cannot paint it pink! Soon he realises that he really has outgrown that little chair and joins his dad in painting the chair pink. A gush of human emotions – a must read-aloud to older siblings for all second time parents!


3. My Rotten Redheaded Older Brother by Patricia Polacco:



A book about two siblings that any child would immediately relate to. The love/hate relationship amongst the siblings, the competitive spirits, the rivalry, the you got-it more feeling all captured in a brilliant picture book with outstanding plot and superb illustrations! The sister Patricia is disappointed by her annoying older brother who outwits her in almost everything. She finds him to be ‘perfectly awful’ who pretends to be nice in front of their grandmother and as soon as she is gone, he does all naughty things. Throughout the book, Patricia tries hard to find at least something that she can do better than her 4 year older brother! It has a sweet ending whereby at the end no matter how much Patricia and Richard argue and fight with each other, they still love each other. A really endearing and appealing story about two siblings.


4. Charlie and Lola series by Lauren Child:



The irresistible brother-sister comic duo immediately strikes a chord with you. The series is full of innumerable stories about naughty incidents centring around Charlie and his ‘small and very funny’ little sister, Lola. These picture books have even been adapted as a very popular television show. There are many titles in this series each being a celebration of the beautiful relationship the brother and sister share with each other. Some of the books in this series are I Will Never Eat a Tomato, But Excuse Me That Is My Book, I Am Not Sleepy and I will Not Go To Bed and so on. In all, it is a delight to read every single book featuring the adventures of patient, wise and rational elder brother and the naughty little sister.

5. Topsy and Tim series by Jean and Gareth Adamson:



These classic twins help you sail through with first experiences. Whether it be going to the zoo or learning to swim or having a birthday party or going to a hospital or visiting a dentist and so on. Published by Ladybird, these picture books serve as a wonderful way of introducing real life like situations to preschoolers. The text is easy and relatable and guide kids and parents through various milestones and real situations spanning through over 140 different titles available.


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