Weirdest Celebrity Baby Names That You Just Have To Know

Weirdest Celebrity Baby Names That You Just Have To Know

19 May 2015 | 4 min Read

Baby Chakra

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When it comes to celebrities nothing is over the top. In fact the stranger something sounds the more likely it is that it has a celebrity attached to it. And so it is when it comes to naming their children as well. Clearly, they aren’t referring to same books we do!

If you thought Abram (Shah Rukh Khan’s son) or Azad (Aamir Khan’s son) were unique names for children, then we have news. The kind of names we found in our search of celebrity baby names will definitely leave you gob smacked and make Shah Rukh’s and Aamir’s choice seem mild in comparison.

1. Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin’s choice of name for their baby girl, Apple, even had Oprah questioning their decision

They are on top of every list, when it comes to strange and unique names for children. However when you do name your child after a fruit, which also happens to be the name of a world famous technology company, you can count on more than a few raised eyebrows.



2. Alec Baldwin and Kim Basigner thought nothing of it when they decided to name their child Ireland.

Remember when your mom and dad fell in love with a place, or probably had a great association with a certain country, and they decided to pick a name from that place? Yes, it’s quite common to consider a name that holds nostalgic value, be it a place or a person. But that doesn’t mean that you go around naming your children after countries themselves. Imagine Russia and China going to school together!




3. Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban both have pretty traditional names. Its probably why, they decided to go out on a limb and named their daughter Sunday Rose.

We understand Rose is a beautiful name, but the day of the week does seem like a bit of a stretch. So, what’s next then – Monday blues?




4. Nicholas Coge with his son Kalel

There are plenty of people who are avid comic fans. And we mean the fanatic variety too. But Nicholas Cage has more than shown his commitment to the comic world, when he decided to name his son Kal-el, the birth name of Superman, whilst he was on planet Krypton. Now if Kal-el is found donning a red cape and trying to fly off somewhere, can we really blame him?



5. Sage Moonblood. What kind of an image does it conjure up in your mind? The latest Vampire book? We don’t blame you. But apparently Sylvester “Rocky” Stallone didn’t have the same image in his mind. Why else would he give his son a name with word blood in it?



6. David Dichovny with his son Kyd

“Have you seen that kid? Which kid? Kyd kid? Which kid? What’s his name? Kyd? Yes but what’s his name?” – get the drift? Well obviously David Dichovny (of X Files and Californication fame) and his wife didn’t anticipate this banter. Besides if they were planning to have a brood, then naming the first one Kyd just indicates the trend that was to follow.



7. Forest Whitaker with his son ocean

When Forest Whitaker (the last king of Scotland fame) decided to name his son ocean, we weren’t too surprised. After all, his name is one with nature too, so we are guessing he just wanted to keep up the trend.


8. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West with daughter North West

After this long list of celebrities, how can we leave out one of the most talked about couples in recent times! Kim Kardashian and Kanye West sure know how to stay in the news and when they decided to name their baby North West the media had a field day with it!


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