The Role Of A Father In A Child’s Life Maybe More Important Than You Believe, And Here’s Why?

The Role Of A Father In A Child’s Life Maybe More Important Than You Believe, And Here’s Why?

We all the know how important mothers are for a child's development and well-being. But what about dads? According to many studies, fathers may impact their child's lives in more ways than one thought. Read on and you'll know just how.

In our previous article we discussed different ways in which you can bond with you little one and gave you handy tips to get you started. But did you happen to find yourself taking a pause to ask yourself why you need to do all those things we suggested and more? After all, you probably don't remember your dad ever taking part in any of your daily tasks as a child. However, research has shown that there is indeed in spending more time bonding with your child and actively participating in her day-to-day care.

According to researchers at the University of Maryland School of Medicine in Baltimore, children whose fathers are actively involved in their lives learn better, have higher self-esteem and show fewer signs of depression than children without fathers or with uninvolved fathers. In addition, children who perceive their fathers as supportive feel a greater sense of social acceptance and show fewer signs of depression.

Now if that weren't reason enough, here are a few more benefits of being actively involved in your child's life:

1. Cognitive development:

Children with actively involved fathers have been observed to have better cognitive development. They also become better problem solvers as toddlers. It has been observes that fathers tend to prompt more independent conversations with toddlers and also encourage linguistic development in children. Children with involved fathers also tend to have better quantitative and verbal skills by the time they reach school going age

2. Emotional development:

One would assume when it comes to feelings and emotions, mothers would take centerstage. However, according to research conducted by University of Guelph, Canada, children with involved fathers tend to have a better sense of security are better equipped to handle complex  or strange situations with a higher resilience. They are also said to handle stress situations much better. Fathers can help children feel a greater sense of contentment and experience less depression even as adults.

3. Social development:

A father's involvement in a child's life can also directly co-relate with his child's social skills, social maturity and a better ability to relate with others in their environment. They are likely to make better friends and have positive peer connections and also be more tolerant and understanding as adults

4. Physical development:

This connection can be easy to understand. Fathers can play an active role in the physical well being of their child by being more involved and teaching them life skills such as swimming, cycling and also involve them better in sports. Another aspect of physical well being that fathers tend to influence better is that of avoiding delinquent behaviour as the child grows up. Children with involved fathers are less likely to have behaviour problems that could harm them physically or put them in danger.

5. Relationship building:

Your children are always observing you and watching your behaviour for cues on how they too should behave. Having an actively involved father, can not only be beneficial to the child directly, but also create more cordial relations between the spouses themselves. Children who observe their parents being more considerate and cordial with each other, and treat each other with affection, are also likely to emulate such behaviours in their own interactions, with siblings when they are growing up and later with their spouses in their adult lives.

So, fathers take note: That diaper change, that playtime in the toys room or even the story reading during bedtime is helping. Every little interaction that you have with your child is contributing towards making her a happier and wholesome child, every single day.


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