Your Complete Medical Checklist Before The Birthday Arrives!

Your Complete Medical Checklist Before The Birthday Arrives!

25 May 2015 | 3 min Read

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If you have reached the last leg of your pregnancy then now is the right time to start preparing for your little angels’ arrival. Having everything organised before hand will give you that much needed relief, as you dedicate all your time and energy towards your baby. 

There are a number of things you will have to prepare for before the B (baby) day arrives and having a ready list to refer to can be ‘oh so handy’. So, we decided to help you with it. Here is your first one – a medical and baby care checklist, to help you kiss away any boo boos that your baby might have during the first few months.  


The Basic Medical Kit: 

1. Digital thermometer

2. Pain relief and fever reducing syrup drops (check with your consulting paediatric doctor on which are the safe medicines to use for the baby, and always consult the doctor before administering any medication to an infant)

3. Rash cream for insect bites or other rashes, as the baby’s skin is extra sensitive in the first few months

4. Nail scissors – this is quite important as babies nails grow nearly twice as fast as adult nails. 

5. Bulb syringe for drawing mucus out of a stuffy nose – you should be able to find this in most baby care stores

6. Saline drops for a stuffy nose

7. Cotton balls  – this can have a number of uses right from applying medicine to cleaning up the baby when they get messy, which will be quite often. 

9. Medicine dropper for feeding the baby any medicine that is required. 

10. Anti-gas drops, or other gas or colic remedy – trust us you want to stock up on this one for sure


Hygiene Care List

1. Baby sunscreen lotion 

2. Baby insect repellent

3. Baby shampoo and wash 

4. Mild and toxin free moisturizing cream

5. Baby wipes (again something you should stock up on for all those burps and diaper changes)

6. Diaper rash cream (any zinc based diaper cream can provide that much needed relief to your baby when she gets a rash)

7. Q tips for cleaning the baby’s ears

8. Wash cloth to sponge the baby in the initial days

9. Massage oil

10. Petroleum jelly, in case your baby has dry peely skin

11. Diapers or cloth nappies (depending on your personal choice for baby care)

12. Changing sheets and mats (you will need this if you don’t want to soil all the linen in your house)


This is our checklist of items  that should be on your next shopping list, to make things handier for you once the baby arrives. Do you have any more items on your list that you can share with us? We would love to know. 

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