Meet The Fascinating Mom, Avani Mehta

Meet The Fascinating Mom, Avani Mehta

2 Jun 2015 | 5 min Read

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Meet Avani Mehta, a Mumbai Mom who tried her hands at various niches before diving into the colorful world of children books & toys for her entrepreneurial venture: Colours Books and library. Her fascinating personality is visible in both her motherhood and business style. Don’t miss the last section where she shares some really handy tips for aspiring mom-entrepreneurs. Read on! 


1. My Mom Quotient 

My parenting style can be summed up as Child Led Parenting. I believe my 5 year old can and will figure things out on his own, at his own pace. So he can practically do whatever experiments and stunts he wishes to and unless I feel it is life threatening, I don’t jump in. 

What I have learnt is that I need to treat him as an adult and expect him to be like a child. And it is not he who has to learn from me, it is I who has to unlearn being an adult and follow his lead to become childlike.

So, if I wish to teach him something, I create a game. If I wish to preach him something, I create a story. And if he is not interested, it is perfectly fine; we have an entire lifetime ahead of us for life lessons and learning. 


2. My Mom Inc. Story

I think I was destined to run a library considering my lifelong love with books. I just took a lot of detours in reaching here. I started off as a software programmer, and then became a motivational writer. Once Aayush was born, the field of child development called me. I am fascinated with books and toys, how things which are pure fun can bring in so much learning and development as a side effect.

The prime goal behind starting Colours Books & Toys Library. Library is to partner with parents and make their parenting journey a tad easier, and more fun. Every time a parent shares that because of us their kid has become a book lover and a fluent reader, my joy is unmatched. Every time a parent appreciates our concept and how it makes their life easier in terms of indulging their kids with new toys and staying within their monthly budget, I am all fired up to do more and to deliver better than before.

Colours Library is in its third year now. The first year we developed good footing and catered to local members(Kandivali East). Second year because of word by mouth publicity regarding our service and collection, we had people coming in from as far as Andheri. With the start of third year we jumped into the home delivery model on request of members. We have now grown to deliver books and toys across Mumbai.



3. Who Inspired/ Supported Me

I have been blessed with an incredible close knit family, extended family and in laws. From the time of conception to execution they have been with me filling in various roles – of cheerleader, problem solver and guide. They are my go to people for everything related to business and life.



My husband is my biggest believer. Whether it is book/toy library or summer camp or any other idea I keep running by him, his faith and belief in me is unwavering. My mom in law is my backbone. Because she is there, I don’t have to ever worry about home and my son. Although I operate mostly from home and am hands on with my son (thanks to awesome staff at library), the fact that she is always there with me, for me, gives me freedom to confidently spread wings as far and wide I wish. 


4. Advice/Tips

It is very easy to get lost in day to day operations of your business. But you are also supposed to grow your business. Step back, revisit your vision put some time to take your business to the next level. Take a small risk and execute. No amount of thinking and analyzing can give you feedback that actual execution will give. 

Personally, involve your children. Seeing you do something new, they are curious and have tons of questions (as usual). Answer them all. They gobble up information like a sponge. And more than that, when you take time to explain, they understand and take ownership and pride in you and your venture.

Perfect work life balance is a myth. You, your kid, business, marriage, relationships etc all of them take turns in getting into the front seat of your life. And that is all right. Sometimes somethings require more attention and sometimes they can manage perfectly fine in your absence. Check once in while with yourself whether in a broader time frame everything is getting balanced well and put in your time accordingly. 

5. I love BabyChakra because it is one centric place to discover children specific events, learn new parenting ideas and meet wonderful mommies.

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