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  • It is Never Too Late To Be A Parent- Surrogacy Blesses Lisa Ray With Motherhood At 46 And It Is Double The Delight
It is Never Too Late To Be A Parent- Surrogacy Blesses Lisa Ray With Motherhood At 46 And It Is Double The Delight

It is Never Too Late To Be A Parent- Surrogacy Blesses Lisa Ray With Motherhood At 46 And It Is Double The Delight

17 Sep 2018 | 3 min Read


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We have read and heard enough about having babies when it feels right and not letting the society and the norm dictate our decision. However, the rules still had us believe that delays will take you away from your dream of an ideal family. Now, here is a couple that broke all the rules and embraced the beautiful journey of parenthood at an age most of us start planning our retirement.

Everything about this story has us falling in love – from the dad ready to take all the responsibilities to a brave fight with cancer. Such is the story of Lisa Ray and her husband. The gorgeous couple welcomed twins in their family in June this year through surrogacy and busted all myths regarding life and parenthood.

The bold and beautiful Lisa Hayden who is also a cancer survivor gives us all a powerful message, leaving us in awe with the pictures of her beautiful angels. She has also shared the names of her twin daughters and we are in love all over again.

The couple has named the twins, Sufi and Soleil that mean mystic and surrounded by rays respectively. If the names weren’t beautiful enough, their journey to parenthood and the entire story is awe-inspiring too. While speaking to the Bombay times in an interview, Lisa focused on how excited she is to bring her daughters to her home in Mumbai and how it is a whirlwind of emotions to coordinate the baby chores with work and self-care.

Lisa was diagnosed with multiple myeloma (a form of blood cancer) in 2009 and that reduced the chances of her being able to bear children. Surrogacy made it possible for her to embrace motherhood despite her lifelong tryst with medication. Of course, life has its own way of unfolding and as Lisa recalls, the Indian law imposed a ban on commercial surrogacy just a week prior to their expected date of beginning the procedure. That is when they decided to do it abroad; the daughters were born in Tbilisi, Georgia.

The decision of becoming parents in their 40s isn’t just unconventional but also sends a powerful message about doing it whenever you think is right. The amazing father is an inspiration too. Lisa talks about gifting him an embroidered burp cloth that reads, “Men Who Change Diapers, Change the World.” Isn’t that dreamy?

Lisa also talks about her struggles and the ultimate victory that came in the form of her daughters. She aims to be a role model for couples struggling with conception issues who also find themselves stuck in the societal constructs and timelines.

Lisa’s story is a tale of bravery; of a cancer survivor who showed that motherhood is a boon and can be achieved in the face of impossible odds. Lisa aims to teach resilience, strength, and honesty to her girls and make them believe in their capabilities. With such conscious upbringing, we can hope for a better future with some awesome women power on the cards.

We congratulate the gorgeous family and extend our love, warmth and best wishes for their future.


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