Ultrarunner Mom Breastfeeds And Pumps During A 103-Mile Race

Ultrarunner Mom Breastfeeds And Pumps During A 103-Mile Race

Busy mums have plenty to do and can multitask with superhuman precision. Whether it is cleaning, scheduling, organising and following their passion while doing the former, mums know how to get stuff done. Sophie Power is one such power mom, and her recent picture went viral for all the right reasons.


Sophie is a British ultarunner, (a runner who cover longer distances; often more than a marathon) and a mom of two. She recently participated in 103-mile Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc race in the Alps. The race is physically exhausting and lasts for several hours, given the distance. After 16 hours into the race, Sophie stopped for a halt where she breastfed her three-month-old son, Cormac for the first time since she started the race. The picture shows her feeding from one breast and pumping from the other.


Sophie told Huffpost that her breasts were hurting as she was used to feeding her baby every three hours and those 16 hours were the first time she was away from him for so long. “I was hand-expressing everywhere I could en route,” she said. Her husband, John Power, met her at multiple aid stations with a breast pump and collected milk for Cormac as well.


The picture shows an exhausted fellow runner lying next to a breastfeeding Sophie. To this, Sophie jokingly remarked that she didn’t know whether that guy completed the race as he looked pretty tired. This shows how fit and relentless mothers can be and yet complete their duties.


Sophie wants this picture to highlight the fact that moms can be more than just mums and follow their dreams. But she also agrees that there is a lack of support for new mothers who want to do something for themselves.


How do you manage your schedules and get your me time moms? Tell us, we would surely like to know!


Banner Image: Huffpost

Disclaimer: Information has been sourced from Huffpost


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