18 Ways To Get Ready For The Due Date!

18 Ways To Get Ready For The Due Date!

5 Jun 2015 | 4 min Read

Dr Jyotishka Ghosh

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We have already given you a great start with a medical and hygiene check list that you can refer to in order to prepare for your little cherub’s arrival. Now we bring you a checklist that helps you think of every little detail. Yes, we know pregnancy memory is a real thing and we are with you! 

When your back is aching all the time, when sleeping all night becomes a constant challenge and you feel exhausted even if you have just walked from the couch to the bathroom for the twentieth time that day – you can pat yourself on the back, you are well into your third trimester. Now that your pregnancy has reached its crescendo and you will soon see your little footballer/ballerina – its time to prepare for the baby’s arrival. So here’s a checklist that will help you put your household on cruise control, while you get a grip on how to deal with life with a new baby in the house. 


For The Hospital Visit: 

1. Have a hospital bag ready to go in  the last month of your pregnancy; the stork can drop in any time now. Make sure you pack enough for 4 days just in case your stay gets extended for any reason. That is four days of clothes and essentials for you and the baby. 

2. Registration with the hospital and managing your medical insurance too

3. Pick your hospital team (while you know your husband will be present for the most important day of your life, he too will need to be bailed out, and make sure you have your mom/sister/mom in law on stand by in such cases)

4. Plan for older siblings and pets to be taken care of while your husband are at the hospital


Getting Your Home Ready: 

1. Spring cleaning before your baby’s arrival is a good idea

2. Get the baby bed organised (you could choose to co-sleep with your baby as well, but in any case it is recommended that you get a separate piece of bedding even if that is the case)

3. Get the baby changing station and bureau or closet ready for storing the baby’s things

4. Install your baby car seat

5. Wash and ready all of your baby clothes linen and sheets

6. Get ample of diapers and wash cloths

7. Prepare meals before your hospital visit, so nobody in the family has to worry about cooking while you are away at the hospital. You can freeze some batches of food, if you live in a nuclear set up

8. Plan your baby’s birth announcement. You can send an email, a card, or even a planned sms

9. Pick/Shortlist names for your baby

10. Get all the feeding equipment ready to use (wash and sterilise all the bottles and breast pump parts before you use them)

11. Get a nursing pillow to help you breast feed the baby

12. Make a financial plan for after your baby’s arrival with your partner

13. Get fragrance free and toxin free detergent to wash all of your baby’s clothes and linen

14. Set aside some me time to relax yourself and also spend some time alone with your spouse in the last few days before your baby’s arrival


You’ve gone through your checklist and ticked all the items, now you can relax and look forward to the brand new adventure that motherhood is. Last but not least, don’t forget to add your camera to the list (and while you are doing that pack in that lip gloss in your hospital bag too, trust us you will want it) – you want to capture those first few precious moments when you first lay eyes on your baby for the first time.