Educational Games For Kids: Top 5 Picks

Educational Games For Kids: Top 5 Picks

Don't you always want the best for your child? The best environment to nurture their little lives, the best education for them, isn't that what you desire the most? Keeping this in mind, we have got for you the top five educational games for kids, that are not only fun but will also help in the development of their minds the right way.

Analytical Skills


Analytical thinking is something that is indispensable in real life and for kids the earlier they develop it, the better it is for them. Not only in academics but the ability to analyse things comes handy even in real life. One of the best games to develop the required skill in kids is Snug as a Bug in the Rug. It is pretty easy to play the game; roll the dice, see what your matching criteria is, choose the bugs which meet that criteria and snug them under the rug. Yes, it is that simple!

Calculation Power

Even though most of us have a phobia of math, we all know how important simple additions and subtractions are in daily life. But what if we tell you that you can teach your kids math while playing? Don't believe us? Try out the game Monkeys Up and see for yourself! Choose any three monkeys without looking at the numbers, flip, switch, and take out monkeys by rolling the cube and at the end. The player whose number on the monkeys add up to the highest value is the winner.

Cognitive Skills and Logical Thinking

Thinking logically is a primary requisite in regular life, so the sooner your kid masters the art, the more benefiting it is. As the name suggests, this game is just perfect for kids who are above the age of five. It is a perfect exercise for growing minds to develop cognitive skills and logical thinking. Put the shapes in their matching holes before the time runs out. The player who is able to do so in the minimum time wins.


Social Skills

All parents want their kids to be social and outgoing. But generally, they tend to be a little shy and awkward with new people. Thus, developing the necessary social skills in kids isn't any less important than formal education. A fun game for kids of three years and above to learn numbers, manual functions and most importantly the value of teamwork, is Feed the Woozie. Here, the players need to play together instead of against each other to feed the animal his favourite snacks which are hairy pickles and fuzzy doughnuts.


Motor Skills

Games involving motor functions are extremely important for a growing mind and body as they improve cognitive skills and teaches kids the importance of manual exercise. One of the best educational games for kids in this genre, not just for the development of motor skills but also for all-rounder benefits is the game, Button It Right! It helps young minds develop their motor skills, strengthen concentration, improve eyesight, and recognize colours. All you have to do is to use the coloured buttons to create the alphabet of various shapes or patterns.


Learn with Fun!

There are a lot of responsibilities that you have to take up when you become a parent and making sure that your child grows up learning the right things is one of the most important ones. But with these games, this responsibility will seem a lot more like fun. We genuinely hope that you and your kids have a great time playing and bonding over these little games. Happy parenting!


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