Did You Know That Sex Can Improve Your Health?

Did You Know That Sex Can Improve Your Health?

Undeniably, sex is an essential and adventurous part of a healthy  relationship. It often defines the intimacy and affection between a couple and the depth of their bond. Sex can be satisfying not just physically but emotionally also and you may be well aware of this. But what you may not be aware of is the  fact that sex can be good for your health as well. Yes, you read that right! Here, we reveal to you how having sex can help you remain in the pink of health.


It Improves Brainpower

According to a research carried out at the University of Amsterdam, sexual encounters can boost analytical thinking abilities in human beings. This happens because when you engage in sexual encounters, you concentrate on the present details. As such, the part of your brain dealing with analytical thoughts gets activated and results in improved brain power.


It Decreases Stress

Stress is the bane of today’s fast-paced lifestyle. Interestingly, sex can act as an antidote to these two issues and help to reduce their effects. During an orgasm, endorphins get released inside your body. These hormones improve your ability to handle stress. Though most people think that sex leads to loss of energy, it actually helps to reduce the stress level and leaves you in a more energized state of mind.


It Lessens Blood Pressure

An increase in blood pressure can put your blood vessels under undue stress and result in hardened arteries. This can be dangerous for your cardiovascular health. At the same time, it can create a problem of erectile dysfunction in males and reduced arousal in females. The sex hormone testosterone can help you out of this situation. Studies have found a link between low levels of this sex hormone and high blood pressure. An increase in the testosterone level in your body due to sexual activity can help bring down your blood pressure.


It Lowers the Risk of Heart Attack

Regular sex can keep your heart in a healthy state and reduce the risk of heart attack. If you engage in a sexual activity for thrice a week, the condition of your heart improves dramatically. As per a recent study, women who had orgasms at least twice every week were less likely to suffer from heart disease than those women who avoided having sex on a regular basis.


It Strengthens Muscles

Toning your core body area and buttocks becomes easy if you have sex regularly. When you are having sex, usually your thighs, arms, and even calves get worked. As your muscle tone improves, they gain strength and their endurance levels improve. In fact, the more adventurous you get in bed, the more your muscles get toned and gain strength.


Have Sex for a Healthy Body and Mind

There’s no doubt that the health benefits of sex are many and varied. Also, sex can enable you to feel closer to your partner and improve your mood. In short, sex is the key to keep your mind and body hale and hearty!


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